Color test: here's how to choose the right color for your hair!

Color test: here's how to choose the right color for your hair!

The hairstylist Maria Rita Ragusa has developed a very useful test to allow all women (and not only!) To be able to choose the right hair color suitable for your face and its complexion, starting from a fact: each color has its own unique meaning and charm, with reflections that can be analyzed from a psychological, cultural, emotional and symbolic point of view.


“Nature has dressed all its elements of color and it is no coincidence that we too are part of this project. We all have a color of hair, skin, eyebrows, eyes, which denote natural chromatic tendencies “- affirms the Centro Degradè Conseil by Rita Ragusa -” We could say that nature gives us a way to go, which we do not always follow but it would be nice to be aware of it … to know it! “.


The chromatic test therefore serves to know one’s own colors (those “friends”), capable of enhancing one’s appearance more. Not only that: the chromatic test is much more, and can reach the perfect identification of the color based on the color of the skin, the eyes and … of all the nuances of our character.


“A chromatic evaluation made” for good “takes an hour of time. The most important part of the work makes use of the system of colored sheets, which are placed side by side in pairs, possibly removed from the make-up and under a natural light, in order to evaluate which colors “correspond” better to the natural colors “- declared on Style some time Stefania Fornoni, professional of the sector – says: “The chromatic test does not limit the use of colors: it suggests which nuance to choose in each chromatic family. In short, for every woman, there is a green, a red, a purple … that can work! The desire to change is always beautiful. Just knowing how to choose the shade that suits us best with each color “.


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What do you think of it? Have you ever had a color test? Were you satisfied with this procedure? At the end of the color test, did you then decide to really experience the outcome of your inner and outer analysis? Tell us all your experiences and share them with the friends of Capelli Style!

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