Come Come Blonde Come

Hair color and model is the external reflection of a person’s soul. Blond hair is defined as brave, self-confident and cool. After all, they chose the most ambitious and difficult to care for color. A long and difficult road is waiting for you from the first paint. But you will realize that you have made the right decision from the admiring gaze towards you.

Suggestions for blond hair


If you are light skinned, you should prefer lighter yellow tones and if you are dark skin you should prefer slightly darker shades of yellow. It is recommended that you progress gradually in a few times, rather than making a sharp transition to yellow on dark hair.

Be sure to paint them so that there is no gap between your eyebrows and hair color.


If you are going to dye your hair for the first time, you should start with 2 shades of light color from your natural hair color. For example, those who have brown hair can choose shades of caramel and gold.

If you want to get a natural look, apply the yellow tone starting from the bottom and opening towards the ends. Add sparkle with colors that have been popular in recent days such as pumpkin, ashy yellow shades, caramel.


Your hairdresser will guide you in all these matters correctly.


Blond hair care


Before applying the yellow color, the chemicals applied to lighten your true color will wear out your hair. That’s why you should focus on hair care products and hair masks. You can revitalize your hair by applying hair care masks and natural hair care oils that can be prepared especially at home.


Use shampoos with color protecting properties. In this way, you can keep the color of your hair longer. Also avoid washing with hot water. Always take a shower with warm water.


Heat styling like hair straightener and tongs can make your blonde hair look dull and lifeless. It is not easy to say do not use it at all, but first applying and shaping the protective cream will reduce the harmful effect a little.


Find the natural form of your hair. In this way, you need less styling tools. Your natural waves appear with hair styling products that treat hair at the same time. In this way, you get rid of curls every day. Likewise, creams that smooth and straighten hair can also be suitable for straight hair.


Natural care mask for blond hair


When you feel a breakage or hardening of the hair ends, start curing olive oil immediately. Add 1 tablespoon of warm olive oil to the ends of the hair and wrap it for a while. You can then wash it off with warm water.


Home care for blonde hair is pretty easy. It is possible to prepare a hair care mask with ingredients that are always in the kitchen such as honey, olive oil, eggs. You can also make a hair mask at home using natural care oils that you can easily obtain from herbal transfers.


Making olive oil and honey mask for hair


Beat an egg yolk well, add a teaspoon of honey and two tablespoons of olive oil slowly and mix. Massage for 5 minutes from the scalp to the ends. After waiting for half an hour, you can rinse by washing with warm water.


You can make your blonde hair look brighter and more vivid with the honey mask. The simplest of the hair masks made with honey is to add a tablespoon of honey, which you dissolve in 1 cup of warm water, to the final rinse water in the bathroom. Apply the honey with water only to the ends, then do not rinse again.


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