Cool ways to wear short hair for the summer!

Cool ways to wear short hair for the summer!

Those who have been following us for a long time know well how wide and high our passion for short hair is : a genuine passion, which has been renewed in recent months after evaluating the actual consistency that the trends of the shorter hairstyle have towards the new year. But why focus on short films?


A lot of versatility in a few centimeters


First, we cannot fail to mention the fact that – contrary to what many women who are not approaching with the right propensity to short hair think – i pixie cut & co. they are ideal for expressing your versatile and flexible personality. Despite being less extended lengths than XXL hair, short hair can still be styled in thousands of different ways, thus allowing women of any age to be able to find the right solution for their style needs.


Ease of combing (but lots of care!)


In addition to what has just been mentioned, we also point out that short hair is certainly easier to comb than what happens with long hair, which can still count on the harvest as a quality lifeboat in cases where it is not possible or preferable to leave the canopy free. On the other hand, we must admit that, compared to long ones, short hair needs a greater use of the hairdresser’s hands: the geometries of the pixie are quickly lost, and you will have to go back to sit in front of the mirror in the salon. favorite beauty at least once every 30/40 days.


Elegant hairstyles simple to make


The elegant short hairstyles we are going to offer you today will help you look perfect on many occasions and change your look. We will show you that although your short cut does not fit the most popular classic hairstyles such as chignon, bun, ponytail, braid and much more, it is still possible adapt your hairstyle to social events . From Karlie Kloss’ Bob – which everyone is copying – to the nice hairstyle of Chelsea Kane , below we will show you a elegant hairstyle for any type of short cut , from the pixie to the lob , or long bob, the long bob of which we have extensively discussed above.


Wavy, short hair is better?


Certainly, the most “comfortable” cut for wavy hair is just the short one, although many women seem to be oriented backwards. Actually the short haircut is the one that can offer the majority of alternative opportunities but… it doesn’t need less care! If in fact the short length can put women partially protected from the risk of split ends and opacity, it is also true that the short haircut needs frequent retouching by the hairdresser, in order to be able to always keep it fresh, with the original geometries .


Short and wavy hair, to each his own style


In addition to the above, the short and wavy haircuts are also usable for almost any type of face. Of course, it is advisable to study the cut based on the shape of your face and on the type of hair: if the wavy hair is particularly fine, it will probably have a cut that can provide a significant volume to the roots, in order to appear more full-bodied. Always remember that it is necessary to study the haircut with the help of your hairdresser, thus arriving at the best solution with the help of a good style consultant.


How to wash them?


As regards finally the washing of short hair and wavy, remember that it is a good habit to always choose products that are suitable for these specific characteristics. So, start with a nice balm, and periodically apply a mask that can adequately nourish the hair. For styling and finishing, use not too aggressive products, perhaps limiting yourself to a nice mousse or a not strong gel, to be applied with your hands to gently model your moves.


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