Correct Hair Care in Seasonal Transitions

Since we renew seasonally our wardrobe, organize our food and even our travels according to the weather, we should show the same care for our hair. If you have dry hair, your hair will be more affected in seasonal transitions.

For example, cold weather in winter requires us to be more careful in skin and hair care. In harsh weather conditions, the hair collected with a beret and hat dries out and becomes more fragile. In summer, sea and pool water can cause serious damage to our hair.

Here are seasonal hair care suggestions ..


How should hair care be in the winter?


Bingo if you don’t want to take a shower often in cold weather in winter! hair experts also suggest to shampoo your hair less. Especially shampoos sold in the markets can damage your hair in frequent use due to the chemicals it contains. Therefore, you should prefer natural or organic shampoos and avoid washing your hairs every day if possible.

Moreover, the temperature of the water is extremely important while washing our hair. The fact that the water is very hot is not recommended for your hair like your skin. Even the thought of taking a shower with warm or cold water is chilling in the winter months!


Heat-preferred hair styling agents often preferred in winter


You should use moisturizing masks for winter care for the hair. Natural hair masks prepared at home will help you with this. You can review this article for natural hair care masks.


Hair care in the summer


Our biggest problem in the summer is not the steep rays of the sun but the salt in the sea and the excess chlorine in the pool. It causes drying on normal hair and wearing and breaking on dry hair types. In dyed hair, sun rays cause color fading with the sea and the pool.


It is good to take a shower with plenty of water and use a hat after every swim. The most practical way to protect your hair is to protect yourself from these negative effects by applying a conditioner. The use of products suitable for your hair type is very important.



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