Creative hair colors for the winter!

Creative hair colors for the winter!

Changing hair color is never an easy choice to pick up on. The reason is well known to all our readers, considering that we have come across these evaluations several times, even in the last few weeks: changing hair color means manifesting a profound change that is often also internal. And considering that there are thousands of different shades available to us, and that the embarrassment of choice will certainly beset our thoughts, everything becomes even more complicated and intricate.


Creative hair colors for the winter!


However, do not worry: any change – especially the external one, in theme hair fashion – should be addressed with particular lightness and optimism. Manifesting change is indeed very important but, at the same time, it must not be a determinant of new stresses and new pressures: in life there are many aspects that deserve to be addressed with seriousness and with a wealth of concerns, and the hair color is certainly not among them.


Creative hair colors for the winter!


Therefore, if you have expressed your intention to change hair color … we are very happy for you! But how do you do it?


In the first place, it is good not to be in too much of a hurry: therefore try to understand what are the colors that could better highlight your strengths (complexion, eye color, etc.), and also try to understand if those tones are or are not in line with the fashions of the moment (nobody forces you, but it is certainly better to adopt a hair color that can show your discreet attention to what happens in the world of style!) .


Having said that, try to make your style as dynamic as possible! One of the must for 2015 has been (and will continue to be in this final juncture) the use of colored locks, contrasts and much more. From balayage to shatush, the keywords to be able to guarantee an even more successful look are many and, fortunately, at your fingertips.


Creative hair colors for the winter!


So, with such awareness, we can only invite you to carefully consult our photogallery today. Inside you will find dozens of styles – some of which, really quite creative and not really characterized by sobriety! – which could act as a pleasant source of inspiration towards the search for your new hair style.


Youthful short hair: trendy racy cuts!


The short cut is then so versatile that it also fits well with the colors, from pastel shades to the most lively and exuberant ones . But, for those who like to dare in various ways, one of the trends of the new autumn / winter season is the partial shaved cut, in two variations: undercut or sidecut . The first, the undercut, which indicates the shaving in the part of the nape , is very versatile in that, performed on not too short hair, it is only noticeable when it is gathered. It is possible to show it off for a slightly rock look, and mask it in formal situations. The sidecut is, on the other hand, the side shave, impossible to “hide” and certainly of great visual impact . This type of shaving can also be combined with medium-long hair, but with the short cut it is really the top.


Obviously, when it comes to daring, celebrities like Miley Cirus , Pink , Rihanna , in this they are really very good, and in fact, we have them seen many times sporting aggressive looks with different undercut or sidecut. To be honest, however, it is necessary to specify that shaving is not new for the last season, the pioneer of this style is Alice Dellal , who showed partially shaved cuts already in unsuspected times.


In this article you will find new short haircuts youthful . They are very elegant and common even among the stars. Take a look at the photogallery and choose your next hairstyle!


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