Dark blonde, the trendy shade for 2016

Dark blonde, the trendy shade for 2016

If you have been following us for quite some time with discreet passion, you should understand how we think: hair is the calling card of every woman and, therefore, besides being – of course! – clean, cared for and soft, they must also be distinguished by a color that can enhance the beauty of your face, helping to push the strengths into relief and, if any, hiding or mitigating the defect points.


The blond, an ever-growing demand in salons


The blond , in this sense, represents a color that can conquer the liking of an increasing number of women especially during the spring / summer season: its reference to the sun is clear, at bright days and to clarity. Elements that contribute to generating attractiveness, cheerfulness, radiance, serenity. Quite the opposite of dark tones, which if not handled properly can instead help to generate a sense of opacity and darkness.


Precisely for these reasons – and not only! – having blonde hair has always represented a clear appeal for women, leading them to approach appropriate lightening, and to recreate the desired color on their heads. In addition, the blonde helps to hide the white hair and gray , , giving a sense of greater security to all those people. who do not accept advancing age.


What is the dark blond?


In this context we can only include “our” dark blonde, subject of today’s study, and shades among the favorites of this 2016. It is, in good evidence, a color that it is halfway between blond and brown, and can give every woman (even those who have a not very clear complexion!) a great style and a marked elegance. It is also a color that can suit both young and older girls, and that can be easily recreated through the use of all the techniques that we have been able to develop in recent months, such as [19459002 ] shatush or the balayage .


Who is the dark blond good for?


The dark blond can suit many people (and probably many more people than you can imagine!). For example, it can be an ideal color if you have a fair complexion and equally light eyes, or an amber complexion with hazel eyes. If, on the other hand, you have a very dark complexion, it may be appropriate to go show off another type of color. The dark blonde can also be the right landing color if the starting one is brown or light brown, while always taking into consideration that if you wish to obtain a dark blonde color coming from a much darker color , you will still have to go through a discoloration (while if you want to lighten slightly, there are other less invasive techniques that could provide you with ideal results).


Also keep in mind that fortunately, on the market, there are more and more lightening products that do not stress the hair (those without ammonia), and which, together with the coloring, “take advantage” of this context to be able to nourish the hair in depth and help the color to penetrate more effectively.

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