Dark hair: 25 short, medium and long cuts to share!

Dark hair: 25 short, medium and long cuts to share!

Do you have a beautiful dark hair and your current hairstyle doesn’t really convince you? No fear: our photogallery today was created specifically to be able to offer you unmissable style alternatives, with which you will certainly have the pleasure of comparing yourself, in the hope that they will be the launching pad for an effective review. of your look. But what is it about? Of course, people who have brown or darker hair may very well have the ownership of dozens of different potential hairstyles to show off in the coming months. From shorter cuts to medium-short ones, the less extensive looks can boast the possibility of becoming a sign of recognition and truly infallible personality. As always, in order to identify the right short haircut to adapt to your face, you will need to focus on yourself, and understand what are the points of value (which should be valued) and the defects (which should instead be hidden). The “tricks” of the trade are naturally thousands, and can be summarized in these few lines. However, we want to try to make the right assessment of your look through a fundamental objective: try to structure your look in such a way that the impression generated by your face is a beautiful oval.


Having introduced the above objective, it should be easier to structure your new hairstyle. In fact, if you have a very round face or a little peaceful, you should avoid structuring the short hair with a too short brown cut : the risk is in fact to generate the “billiard ball” effect . Better to adopt a haircut that can wear out the face, reducing the volume on the sides and increasing it at the top. If you really like the pixie cut so much that you want to play on a very small cut, make sure that it is a light cut, with disheveled tufts that can give a better impression. On the other hand, if you have a very long face you should try to play skillfully on the lateral volumes. So, do exactly the opposite of the above: squeeze the upper volume, and widen it to the sides (maybe, you can help yourself with a nice long tuft, that can cut your face at eye level). your short dark hair is only a matter of choosing the most suitable cut. Some hair cuts are perfectly suited to both brunette and blonde, and others seem to have been created on purpose to bring out the fascinating tones of dark hair . So, are you brunette and are you terribly in love with short and super short cuts? We have just a few examples for you! The fringe is an evergreen and adapts perfectly to short dark hair: you have no limits in choosing the length and extent of scaling. But if you don’t really like the fringe, go with the tuft for a feminine and sensual mood. And if you want the cut to have a personal imprint, make it more “yours” by coloring the bangs (or the tuft) with some contrasting streaks. Don’t be afraid: also dares some original coloring and perhaps with lighter shades than the base color. Another evergreen: the bob (helmet) . Always trendy and very versatile: on dark hair you can wear it curly or smooth, with the fringe and even without. But if you want to be really an alternative, shoot yourself a beautiful disheveled effect, raising strands or even with straight tufts and / or crests.


Celebrity with dark hair


The VIPs are the best source of inspiration and many girls go to them to change their look. Dark color lovers, here are you 6 actresses and singers with dark hair.


Megan Fox


Megan Fox is the dream of many kids. He certainly knows what the best hairstyle is to attract attention. The dark shades are suitable for her because she is able to bring out her blue eyes , giving him, if possible, even more charm.


Monica Bellucci


Monica Bellucci is probably one of the most desired women in the world. Present on numerous covers because women like her feminine and attractive look. We have seen her with dark hair many times, ideal for her complexion.


Kim Kardashian


Kim Kardashian is one of the most popular celebrities with dark hair . Black is her typical color and when she recently dyed her platinum blonde hair, many of her fans showed their dissent . Here you can see Kim soften the black hue of her hair with caramel highlights.


Lana Del Rey


This amazing singer always looks mysterious and sexy. His complexion is incredibly suitable for dark shades. In the photo, Lana has chosen a long long wavy hairstyle which, combined with black, is really perfect. Her red lipstick completes the look and makes it truly gorgeous.


Selena Gomez


Selena is a famous singer and actress with an always natural look. He is a style icon with both long and short hair. In both cases its appearance is astounding .


Nicole Scherzinger


Nicole is one of the hottest celebrities in Hollywood. He always has a classic and elegant look . She also tried blonde shades, but as far as we are concerned, black is the most suitable shade for her.


If you already have a beautiful oval face in itself, you are halfway there. You just have to browse our photo gallery today and try to find the look that can do most for you!



















































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