Dark hair: how to choose the best for your face!

Dark hair: how to choose the best for your face!

The brown hair is one of the most fascinating and seductive choices for women of all ages. Traditionally linked to the faces with the most olive and Mediterranean complexions, in fact dark hair can well express all their benefits also towards women who instead are characterized by “paler” faces and lighter complexions. On the other hand, it is a beautiful net frame for your face, and it is also a range of very pleasant alternatives, within which you should be able to orient yourself through the selection of the right shade.


Dark hair: all the precautions for a top coloring!


As is known, dark hair represents an incredible extra touch in terms of femininity and sensuality. A surplus that, fortunately, does not require particular care compared to other colors. Indeed, it can even be said that the black coloring, against what happens for example with blondes, fatigue and less stress the hair, as they do not go through the discoloration.


Be careful, however, not to put in your hair mori infinite trust: being a very clean color (as long as you don’t color it more dynamically, as we will see shortly) is in fact a color that determines an equally clear detachment, and therefore one must always take into account a frequent retouching for regrowth. For this reason, the ideal bases through which to develop a beautiful dark brown hair color are dark or brown ones. The lighter starting shades will have to go through several stages before reaching the final hair color.


Dark hair, better to blend it?


Even the dark hair , as well as the other shades of hair, can be suitably shaded: even if the dark color is a very deep tone, in fact nothing prevents you from creating pleasant mixes with other shades, in order to achieve an even better and more seductive effect. For example, it is sufficient to remember the possibility of integrating it with one or two lighter shades or, for women who want to provide an even more radical effect, a beautiful synergy with purple, red, blue, etc.


The important thing is, as always, to identify the best technique for coloring and bleaching. In recent years, solo shots, shatush, degradé and much more have become fashionable: talk to your hairdresser in order to find out which color and technique can best suit your preferences.


Dark hair, which cut?


The universality of dark hair can also be repeated in relation to cutting alternatives: the dark colors, in all their shades, are in fact adaptable to any type of style, although the most suitable are the more “graphic” ones, which can better enhance the contours. Green light therefore to geometric and decisive helmets, medium bob, and so on. For hair long, black can determine the right level of “mystery”: it will be enough to wear them smooth and scaled, in order to obtain the maximum seduction!


Capelli mori, new photogallery to facilitate your choice


If finally you want to know even more about dark hair, the next step can only be to consult our photogallery: we have selected for you a series of 25 shots on dark hair , which we are pleased to offer you, inviting you to consult it with great attention. Try to find out if there are, in the photogallery, one or more shots that can satisfy your style ambitions, and talk about it with your trusted hair style: with the right adaptations and with a pinch of customization, they could be yours new reference point for a fashionable dark brown look, in spring 2016!


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