Decorated red nails: ideal for Valentine's Day, but not only!

Decorated red nails: ideal for Valentine's Day, but not only!

The decorated red nails have their own because certainly in some periods of the year, that is when Christmas is approaching (and all the festivities of that period, especially New Year), then also for Valentine’s Day (red is the color of love, let’s not forget it!). But red is simply a very elegant and passionate color, so, with other types of decorations, it is simply a beautiful color on which to vent all your fantasies on the subject of nail art.


Red nails decorated on Valentine’s Day


Red, basic. Then we also vent our imagination, but themed, however. We are talking about Valentine’s Day, the feast of lovers, therefore hearts, hearts, pinks and reds . Obviously the trend “red nails decorated with love” is strongly growing when the party is approaching (February 14, NDR), but throughout the year similar decorations on the base red can be useful for any event you celebrate with your partner or, in any case, you participate with him, and every occasion of this type will be good to try the most beautiful, fairest and, above all, most appreciated decoration and shades of red, to show off right then The valentines day!


The decorations on a red base, many ideas in our gallery


The care of the aspect of our nails and in general the nail art represent a sector of female beauty that is widening its borders compared to others, and more and more women are demonstrating to love a well-groomed, elegant and original hand, at least as much as having the latest fashion hairstyle and an amazing make up.


And it is from your desire to be original , as well as beautiful and elegant, that the gallery of nail art creations with decorations with a romantic background on a red base takes its cue: it is not enough to be very careful if then one always falls into the banal, to be noticed one must always and in any case be unique, remaining strictly within the canons of beauty . Decorated red nails: ideal for Valentine's Day, but not only!


This is the purpose of our gallery, an archive from which you can take ideas and then enrich the result with your imagination or, why not, for the laziest ones, “steal” the idea totally, the realization, the image that most impressed you and that you think is most suitable for your personality.


Let’s start with the extremely simple Pre Styled Nails , that is the nail already decorated and that should only be applied using the special stick of glue for the nails, to get to the stickers with a romantic flavor [ 19459007], both in flat and three-dimensional versions and which will be attached (very simple operation) to the nails that we have already treated with the red shade of the nail we want. Or from the marker specially created for to draw in a very simple way on the nails up to the pen to add a metallic color on the base of red nail polish for a decoration on natural nails and which will then be protected, for example, with the Fixing top coat , shiny, shiny and transparent, or even to be used on the enameled and dry nail.


The possibilities for sweet and romantic decoration, perhaps even a little sexy, to show off on Valentine’s Day are practically endless: even “self-made” ideas can be highly effective. The basic setting is, however, the color: Valentine’s Day equals red nails .


The base color of the nail polish can also be applied to the nails with a shade that degrades : from cherry red to fiery red, also to the brick shade . Or even pink, lilac and fuchsia, if you are more romantic than passionate (and in this case you can tend to “nude”, for a particularly elegant effect).


How to decorate our red nails


The brightest colors can also slope towards white, a space in which other elements of decoration can be highlighted. Matt colors, Fluffy finish, glitter … drawings of hearts and hearts, but not only, even simple polka dots, both applied and drawn, of rhinestones and then, why not, also the initials, yours and those of your him. Simple French manicure designs that turn into romantic shapes for Valentine’s Day, a heart , for example. Even a little heart for each nail, especially if each of a different color from the other, will make a good impression.

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