Do you want to know why your hair is not growing?

Do you want to know why your hair is not growing?

There may be different reasons for the hair not to grow. These include substances such as unbalanced nutrition, environmental factors, scalp problems. Continuity in hair care and treating your hair is essential. By treating hair well, we mean washing rules, brushing, drying, styling chemicals and the use of heat-shaping tools. It would be unfair to wait for your tired hair to grow faster due to these hair mistakes. And instead of looking for a hair-growing shampoo suggestion, one has to look at ways to solve this problem radically.

Are those here who say my hair is not growing?


Are you one of those who complain that the hair ends are not cut and then cut constantly? Let’s start by solving this problem first…. Broken hair tips can most likely be products you use for styling and false hair routines. Applications such as combing your wet hair after bathing, washing with very hot water will damage your hair.

Breathable scalp


If your scalp is healthy, your hair will also be healthy. If our hair follicles are not breathing, that is, because of problems such as dust, chemical residues and dandruff, our hair growth slows down. For this, you can get help from purifying shampoos. The easiest method to clean the hair roots is vinegar. Yes, you have not heard wrong, rinsing your hair after each bath with natural ingredients, organic apple cider vinegar will both purify your hair roots and ensure you to have shiny hair. Mix half / half of water / vinegar in a spray bottle. Tighten your hair follicles with the help of a spray after each shower. Its smell will fly away in a short time. You do not need to rinse, as it is mixed with water. But if you are sensitive to the smell, you can rinse after 5 minutes.




Vitamins and minarels we get from the foods we eat have an effect on our hair as well as throughout our body. Note that you get enough vegetables, fruits, protein and calcium in your daily diet. For example, a diet rich in vitamin B7 provides the biotin that your hair needs, and the hair grows faster.

Intense stress


If you are going through a troubled period, if the body is under stress, this may affect your entire life and cause your hair to lose its health.


Do you want to know why your hair is not growing?

If you have solved all these problems, now let’s look at how you can grow your hair in the fastest way.


Hair care cures made with natural materials that can be applied at home can help you with this. It is both prepared in a short time and most hair masks consist of simple yet effective ingredients that are always available at home. Food items such as eggs, olive oil, honey, bananas, onions provide important benefits for the health of our hair as well as the nutrition of our body.


You can review this article which we prepared about hair extension with onion juice.


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If preparing a hair mask at home is tiring and difficult for you, you can also use ready-made hair care products. There are products that many brands have released for all kinds of hair problems. Check out the products and prices of different brands that are suitable for your hair type, feature and current hair problem.


Do you want to know why your hair is not growing?


If you want to follow an easier way, consult your hairdresser. If you constantly have a hairdresser who knows your hair, you can solve your hair problems with the care products that will be applied to you in the salon.





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