Easy nail art gels: simple tutorials for beginners

Easy nail art gels: simple tutorials for beginners

I am a bit of that part of us that we can’t show in public but that inevitably has to come out.


For this reason we take care of them in an almost obsessive way. Who, in fact, does not have a space at home dedicated to manicure ? For example, I have a special drawer where I put my selection of nail polishes and tools for nail art .


But coloring the nails is not enough to feel good about ourselves. We need to dare, shine or hide. We need to express ourselves. And the new trend of nail art design does just that: it brings out the best in us through a creative process that involves our nails.


And over time nail art has become a real fashion like the cake design . We can, in fact, notice new television programs dedicated to nail care and design with simple and original tutorials, useful and fun tips to try.


But if you have no idea where and how to start, being able to make a seductive nail art nails becomes complicated. That’s why we decided to create a collection of simple nail art gel tutorials especially for you, complete with a large photo gallery where you can get inspiration and create small magnificent masterpieces on your nails. . Are you ready to start?


The basics


Before becoming an expert in nail art you have to do a lot, but a lot of practice. Knowing how to mix and combine colors harmoniously is not enough. We need to know how to draw on our creative side and put together a good dose of patience and useful accessories. Let’s see together the tools necessary for your easy nail art and how to prepare the nails .


Nail reconstruction kit


The basis of any manicure is as fundamental as the nail art . How can you show off a wonderful design if your nails are badly cut or full of cuticles?


Before thinking about the actual design, prepare your nails so that they are clean and perfect. Here are the tools you need for manicure.



  • cotton balls and nail polish remover


are used to prepare the area to be colored and to clean the edges. If the previously applied nail polish is difficult to remove, help yourself with the brush of mascara which will be of great help in the most difficult to reach areas.



  • nail file and nail clippers


are used to cut, shape and smooth the surface of the nail.


is used to soften and moisturize the area around the nail. Excellent for this job is the olive oil that we all always keep at home for cooking.




Here are the accessories for the design.


is the best tool for making shapes, stripes and color blocks. Just press it on the skin before using the gel and the nail polish, and remove it when the colors are completely dry.


to be used as a palette to mix the colors or dip the brushes or tools to make the dots.


are special nail stickers that allow you to create the classic moons and a perfect french nail art . They can also be used to make any type of design, depending on where you move them.


are a great way to give your nails a faded effect. All you have to do is pour some nail polish on the sponge and dab on the nail which you can then finish with a gradient.


can be used to create a reticulated design. Just hold it against the nail and pass the nail polish over it. You can also obtain suggestive effects according to the type of material used.


Simple trendy nail guides


This is the part that interests you most, isn’t it? I know and we will not keep you dry. For you, we have created a series of very simple nail art tutorials that will help you create colored nails with an intriguing appearance.


Remember that it is practice that makes us perfect. Don’t try to overdo it and don’t give up if you make a mistake. You will do a lot of them but you will need them to improve your technique and master more and more tools for to realize the nail art of your dreams . Try to learn these basic techniques first: from polka dot nail art to shading, our tutorials will create the basis for a more complicated design to try in the future.




2019 is the year of the polka dot . Always a classic simple and clean design, it is one of the nail art timeless, very simple to make. In particular, the black and white polka dot goes well with everything and you can wear it in any season.



  • Start with a black background coat.

  • Place a small amount of white nail polish on the tip of the nail. If you do not want a color that is too bold or you cannot create an ordered design at first, press the dot tool on the nail directly (the dotter ), starting from the middle. Apply the nail polish to each nail, even on the entire surface.

  • Let the polish dry and finish.


Gradient effect


A nail art with glitter is very simple to do, more than you think. For a perfect result you will need to use a glaze polish and avoid using your fingers to sprinkle the glitter .



  • Choose the colors you prefer (I really like to use a base with a blue background and golden shades, perfect for a Christmas nail art ).

  • Start with a dark blue background coat (as I mentioned in the previous step, you can use any color, but a dark blue nail art offers a more polished contrast).

  • Draw with the brush to pick up a small amount of glitter and apply lightly on two thirds of the upper part of the nail

  • Now apply a golden color on the remaining area of ​​the nail

  • If you wish, you can still add different shades of the same color or change it, always to be placed on the upper part of the nail. This will give your golden nail art a firmer look.




The vintage effect has been in vogue for many years. It is useless to deny it, the modern era is fascinating and full of innovations, but the charm of the ancient is impossible to forget. That’s why we find ourselves reviving the past through the customs and fashions of the time. The same can be said for colored nail art . Below we show you an example of vintage design that is still popular on the streets today.



  • To start with you will need contrasting colored nail polishes and nail stickers

  • Give a basic coat and let it dry completely (in this case I like the silver nail art which give an intriguing contrast with the other colors)

  • Cut a nail sticker in half and place it on them to create a pointed shape

  • Pass the nail polish over the top of the nail, making sure that the adhesive does its best job

  • Leave to dry completely, then you can remove the adhesive. At this point you can let go of your creativity and have fun with a new color and design.


Simple themed


Not always for a party the elegant nail art are the most suitable. Sometimes it may be necessary to create something original and different from the usual to amaze others but also to surprise ourselves with a look that is not obvious. The holidays where you can dare something more are undoubtedly Halloween and the cold days of Christmas . Let’s see how we can indulge ourselves!




It is the typical Halloween nail tutorial , perhaps not very original but very simple to make. They are particularly suitable for you who are starting out with the nail art mania and are not yet ready to show off something more elaborate.



  • You will need a bright red nail polish, a small brush and a dotter.

  • I recommend, well cleaned nails without cuticles

  • With a small brush, draw a red line through the tip of the nail, just like you would for a french nail art .

  • Add a few drops of various sizes and lengths. Pay no attention to the position, play with the color at random, without worrying about where to insert them; the effect will be more original and less desired. Do the same with all nails

  • When the polish is dry, finish.




The pink and silver nail art are the most popular during the Christmas period thanks to their sobriety and elegance. Here’s how to make them.



  • You will need colored nail polishes, nail adhesive tape, brush and dotter.

  • Start with the base of one blue nail polish on all the nails except that of the ring finger which you will color white

  • Using the dotter, make some pink dots on all the nails that you have colored blue. Between the spaces, make the dots of silver color.

  • Cut a piece of adhesive tape into strips and place it diagonally on the white nail. Press well and create a blue state over the entire nail. Leave to dry and remove the tape.

  • Then color two thin silver strips and let them dry. Finally, finish everything.


Using acrylic paints


Anyone who approaches the world of nail art must face an important decision. “What colors do I use?”. Many nail technicians opt for acrylic, others for gel. They are two different products, both as regards the type of use you have to make of them and the final effect.


You should know that the nail reconstruction in acrylic was born in the 1940s / 50s in America. In Italy, however, it is not yet well known and for this reason there are few beauticians and nail technicians who use it. It is not a question of quality or more or less beautiful effect. The fact is that working with acrylic colors requires much more manual skills.


How to use acrylic paints


You need polymer and monomer. The first is an acrylic powder, the second is a liquid that must be combined with the powder. These two products together give a chemical reaction that leads precisely to the compound to be spread on the nail, compact and moldable. It must be applied on the natural nail . Why choose this product rather than gel?


First of all it is much more resistant. It can better withstand the shocks and traumas to which the nail can be subjected, such as the continuous use of chemicals, water etc. It does not need a LED or UV lamp, but dries in contact with the air. It is versatile, it works more easily and allows you to create very artistic nail art.
Acrylic can also be used in the reconstruction of nails, because it allows you to restore the nail bed and lengthen it in those people who suffer from severe onychophagy or who have suffered trauma to the nails. In a nutshell, it’s right for you if, for example, you no longer have uniform growth of the nail .


What do you need to make it happen?


First of all normal tools for a manicure. You therefore need the files to to shape the nails , buffers to even out the nail and degrease it and the cleaner to remove the filing residues which then interfere with the resistance of the acrylic. You need the primer to make the acrylic adhere to the surface of the nails. You need Kilinsky brushes, the pointed ones, to make the ball that comes from the combination of monomer and polymer, also the latter two needed in your kit. Finally you need the sealant, to protect the decorations or the reconstruction.


How to make the acrylic nail reconstruction


Take the Kolinsky brush and dip it in the monomer, the special liquid. Now dip it in the dust. You will thus create a ball similar to pongo. Apply it on the nail and shape it according to your needs. It is a malleable and compact resin, which you have to work directly on the nail to rebuild it . This substance must be dried in the air. During the waiting time do not worry, because the product does not drip and does not move, the shape you have given it remains perfectly intact.


The beauty of acrylic is just that. Thanks to this product you can create amazing nail art. Yes, because you can also obtain three-dimensional effects that would otherwise be impossible with the classic gel.


Why then is acrylic not used by everyone?


Acrylic has the defect of having a rather difficult smell to tolerate. Many beauticians just can’t stand it and so prefer to use the classic gel. Furthermore, it takes a lot of manual skills, because it is not easy to find the right combination of monomer and polymer. This step inevitably interferes with all the work you are going to do. The risk is that of obtaining a resin that is too dry, difficult to work, or too liquid, equally difficult to work. When it is too liquid it is not only difficult to apply, but it can also cause the formation of mycosis on the nail because it leads to lifting of the nail. The ideal mixture is: 1 part of powder for 2 parts of liquid. If you are interested in this technique, our advice is to follow a course for nail technicians and not to improvise yourself as an expert!


Do it yourself: 4 useful tips


Easy nail art gels: simple tutorials for beginners


To conclude I want to give you some tips to get a perfect nail look. Here are some interesting goodies for you.


1. Simplicity is the key word


Don’t do more than you know. Before realizing elaborate nail art and full of effects, you must learn and practice a lot. But above all, you have to start from the simplest designs: polka dots, zebrate nail art are the easiest to create but they are also very beautiful to wear. Thanks to our tutorials and the photogallery that we offer you at the bottom of the article, you can take a cue and create all this yourself. Get help and don’t get carried away! Get inspired and always try different designs to learn different techniques and move to the next level faster.


2. Preparation is fundamental


Before using nail art tools you need to know what your intentions are. What do you want to accomplish? Do you have a project in mind? Do you want a more casual appearance or do you feel more comfortable with a natural art nail look that fully welcomes your peaceful soul?


First put it on paper. Make a draft of the result you want to get and write notes for the procedure. In this way, while making your nail art you can refer to the drawing on paper so as not to make mistakes.


3. Learn from your mistakes


It can happen. Indeed, it will certainly happen. He is wrong. A not quite straight line, a little bit too large. And the design is no longer what you had imagined. But why throw away all the work done? Why start over? Does it really make sense?


Instead of removing everything with acetone, try to correct your mistake instead. Like? Starting from the wrong place he creates a masterpiece. For example, if that line is not as straight as you wanted, try to totally change the project and focus on a zigzag design to create something nice anyway. Do not let yourself be overwhelmed by frustration and bring out your imagination to remedy mistakes in a creative and original way.


4. Don’t forget the manicure


There are two important things to do when the design is finished: cleaning the burrs and giving a touch of greater resistance to the enamel with the gel.


Cleaning is necessary to make sure that the perimeter of the nail is clean, without any residue of nail polish. The eye must fall on nail art , not on everything else. As for the gel, however, the nails must be at least 60 percent dry, otherwise you will risk dragging even fresh nail polish with you.


How to make a striped nail art


I could not leave you without a last nail art tutorial , simple and appreciated by all. Here is the best way to create nice lines with smudge-free nail polish. The trick lies in placing the hand on a hard surface and working slowly and carefully, while the finger moves in place of the brush. The result will be a straight and perfect streak.


And after giving you these simple nail art tutorials , we offer you a wide selection of nail art images from which to take inspiration. Print them and enter the world of nail artists, now that you know their secrets you will be able to create spectacular designs that can surprise you. The eyes will all be focused on your new nails and you will not be able to miss the opportunity to try something new.


Easy nail art gels: simple tutorials for beginners

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