Effective Solutions for Hair Loss

If your hair has started to become your nightmare, with increasing hair loss day after day, it’s time to do something. If your hair falls out more than 80 strands a day, your risk of losing your hair is possible, he says. Ali Yaşar. You should also know that if you put your hand in your hair every time you have four or five strands of hair, an unusual hair loss occurs. We said that there may be many reasons for hair loss 20 Reasons for Hair Loss in our article. To reduce the loss, the first thing you need to do is to find the source of the loss, and then you can get your hair that says goodbye to you by choosing a correct treatment method. You should also remember that nutrition is directly related to hair loss. You can check our article on Foods That Prevent Hair Loss about what you should eat.

In this article; We want to touch on what you can do to prevent and reduce hair loss.

Solutions to Hair Loss


Remember that if you blow dry often, damage to your scalp may occur. It will damage your scalp; you should stay away from hair styling processes.

Experts state that accelerating blood circulation can prevent spills. You can massage your scalp with olive oil, which is highly preferred in hair care. Thus, blood flow will accelerate and your hair follicles will be renewed. At this point, you should know that olive oil will not prevent hair loss. However, massage application has a regenerating effect on your hair follicles.


Recently, the miraculous effect of rosemary on hair has been discussed. In addition to hair care, you can boil rosemary leaves, which are also a solution for hair loss, for twenty minutes and then rinse your hair with water. Rosemary oil, which you will use as a rinse water, will prevent your hair from getting tangled and will act as a conditioner.


Do not apply unhealthy diets. Vitamin and mineral deficiency is the enemy of the hair. Be sure to follow diet programs that you are sure you have enough nutrition.


Wash your hair less frequently. Washing hair every day can increase hair loss and cause your hair to lose its health. Try to use less shampoo. Prefer shampoos with a pH value of 5.5. Finally, make sure that the shampoos you use are suitable for your hair type.


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