Elegant short haircuts, suitable for any occasion!

Elegant short haircuts, suitable for any occasion!

Are you also lovers, like us, of short hair? Well, in the photogallery that you can find in a few lines you will find bread for your teeth, seen and valued that we are pleased to offer you a series of impressive photographic shots, which “portray” 40 look of hair corti that you could evaluate on any occasion, thanks to their classic and refined touch.


Looks that can be the definitive solution for your search for a good compromise between a youthful and chic style, and which for their comfort also represent a good choice for those women who do not want to waste too much time in the adjust the daily hairstyle.


So, if you are really considering approaching a new short haircut, but you still don’t know which style to wear with conviction in the coming months, our today’s photogallery could come to your rescue. In fact, we were able to identify and extrapolate 40 short haircuts that are classic enough to please you and … your mother. On the other hand, all our readers know it well. We believe that short hair is the best in order to be able to give extraordinary added values ​​as regards comfort, width and the possibility of being able to easily customize one’s look. For several months, therefore, we have been pleasantly focused on remembering how, whatever your short hair look is, this option can certainly be the most convincing.


Introduced the foregoing, you just have to browse our photogallery and try to goats if some good choices can be found inside that you think can reflect your need. Once you have identified the look that you think will best suit you, stop for a few minutes to reflect on whether it may actually be suitable for you.


Short cuts that inspired movie stars!


If you want to show off a nice short look , know that not only are you in good company but, probably, you are much more attentive to fashion than you can believe. Not only that: by choosing a short cut you will certainly be able to guarantee a fair fortune when styling, given and considered that if the shape and color of the cut are in themselves captivating and well defined, the required styling will be minimal.


“Just take a look at the undercuts of Scarlett Johansson , Michelle Williams , Tilda Swinton , Kristen Stewart , , ] Anne Hathaway, Miley Cirus to understand how this rule works “- recalled Vanity Fair a few days ago, taking care of short cuts -” little gel, smooth or disheveled fold and in cases the red carpet has a slight backbone in the center (also in a rockabilly version) with smoothing on the sides in plain view, immediately giving a very striking and very modern effect “.


Of course, the absence – or almost – of maintenance will be even better adaptable to the very short ones, that is, to the millimeter cuts that put the shape of the head and face in the foreground. Equally of course, you could also obtain an excellent result by limiting yourself to less radical solutions, accessorising the good short cut with headbands, pins and much more. “In fact, they are very tactical to bring out romantic fringes, beautiful Etruscan asymmetric scales. If you are in the wedding area, wedding decorations for short hair abound. The most choreographic? Those with lace and feathers by Reem Acra Haute Couture ”- concluded Vanity Fair. And how to blame the magazine?


Unfortunately, in fact, experience teaches that a cut that has been positively evaluated within a photo gallery on the screen, or on the pages of the weekly gossip, can suddenly turn into a sensational own goal. In these terms, the phase of comparison with your trusted hairdresser becomes fundamental, which will certainly relieve you of serious errors in identifying the look of your future!


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