Fairytale bob undercut for the spring season

Fairytale bob undercut for the spring season

Once relegated to male style only, over the years the undercut and the sidecut (that is, the shaved cuts on the back and sides) they have also alternated in the preferences of many women, who in these particularly aggressive looks have found the valid ally to be able to express their personality. And what’s better if the undercut is combined with a nice bob ?


What is the undercut


For all those who have lived in an atomic bunker in recent years, remember that the undercut is a really cool look, which is based on shaving, more or less radical, on the sides of the head and especially on the nape. The shave can possibly remain covered by the rest of the hair and, as in the case of the bob undercut, can be noticed only partially.


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With the bob, a deadly mix!


If the undercut, as in the photogallery that we are pleased to show you today, is combined with a nice bob , the result is truly formidable. In fact, you will have the opportunity to enjoy an ideal mix that will reward your creative styles, giving you unmatched femininity and refinement!

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