Fall of style for Giulia De Lellis: regrowth does not escape fans

Fall of style for Giulia De Lellis: regrowth does not escape fans

A sea of ​​criticism on instagram for Giulia De Lellis : one of the most followed influencers on the web slips on style and fans notice it.


Everything starts from a photo that sees De Lellis in the company of her granddaughter, a very tender Christmas scene accompanied by the caption “The greatest gift of my life, you …”


Fan Comments


Despite the sweetness that conveys this image, Giulia’s fans cannot help but notice a disconcerting detail , given the care and style needed to climb to the top of the Italian Olympus. influencer: the girl shows an evident regrowth of her natural color lighter than the color left on the lengths.


In fact, between hearts and appreciation for the loving family picture, a fan thunders “ What have you done do you have hair? “. Another promptly replies: “ The root, it’s her natural hair, she said she doesn’t want to do black color anymore “, and immediately another intervenes: “ Yes, but it should do something to even out the color, that’s how horrendous ! ”


Fall of style for Giulia De Lellis: regrowth does not escape fans

Photo @ giuliadelellis103 [IG]


Slide or change of style?


Usually the beautiful Giulia on instagram always shows herself at the top: perfect hair, latest fashion outfits and impeccable make-up. It therefore arises spontaneously whether what might seem like a huge slip for an 4.4 million followers influencer is not a thoughtful but not a right choice.


What is certain remains the t of the over 50’s not going to dye their hair to show off their natural white, thus breaking a taboo. An innovative and out of stereotypes choice that makes these women truly fascinating.


However, for an influencer who should always be in step with fashion and trendy colors, giving up the tint may not be the best solution .


Does regrowth become a trend?


As for the regrowth effect, the trend of autumn 2019 shows us a revival of this style . The hair-mania, however, wants a two-tone evidently studied, with dark roots and lighter lengths.


In short, the exact opposite of the hair of Giulia De Lellis, unusually uncared for .


We hope that the influencer will recover soon, showing off a new style more glamorous than ever, as only she can be.


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