Fantastic hair styles with shaving for winter 2017!

Fantastic hair styles with shaving for winter 2017!

Have you ever thought of enriching your hair with a nice game of contrasts on the lengths , and shaving part of it? Hair shaved on one side, on both sides and / or on the nape of the neck have long conquered the hearts of many of our readers, rising to real reference points that are essential for all those women who want to enjoy a fascinating style. , modern, versatile. But how can you get close to hair with shaving without losing (indeed!) Your femininity, and rejuvenating your aesthetic spirit? Let’s get to know a little more, seasoning everything with a mega photogallery!


Shaved hair, many advantages for you!


Although many women seem to underestimate them, shaved hair represent one of the most “in” choices of the moment, for young and old women. The reason is very simple: it is a very trendy hairstyle , which can guarantee you a sudden change of aesthetic approach, without however forcing you to long and industrious . It is also a fascinating cut, of enormous personality, easy to comb, a little mysterious. In short, many benefits with a single choice that we recommend you evaluate for this season and for the next winter part!


Not all that glitters is gold!


Of course, the fact that shaved hair has so many advantages should not overshadow the fact that these styles of hair require a huge maintenance. The area subject to shaving, in fact, must be constantly renewed, in order to avoid the impression of an unpleasant regrowth effect which, we are convinced, you would certainly want to remove. So, if you go to the choice of a haircut with shaving, remember that you must necessarily take into account the need to resort to the hands of the hairdresser at least once every 20-30 days (it depends on the growth rate of your hair and the geometries created). Beyond 40 days, the risk that the aesthetic structure of the hair is definitively lost increases, exponentially, giving way to a more confused style.


What color to use?


Another very important choice when you marry a shaved haircut is related to the choice of color. In this area, as can be understood, much depends on the result you want to obtain, seen and considered that if you are looking for a new more aggressive image and personality, you could focus on a contrast of tones, accentuating visibility with a nice platinum blonde. Other women could instead be content with less revolutionary and more usable tones, more simply reviving their current look.

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