Fantastic short haircuts to start the year well!

Fantastic short haircuts to start the year well!

Have you ever thought of cutting your short hair or very short ? This is a trend that many women have had the opportunity to appreciate over the past few years, also thanks to the fact that short hairstyle are back in fashion, and they are increasingly success among modern women. In addition to being a versatile and easy to manage haircut , day after day, they are really ideal if you want to give a greater feeling of freshness to your look, and demonstrate that you are really in line with the contemporary hair fashion trends. But what are the most popular short hair looks?




Of course, the starting point of our short discussion can only be the bob bob , a more modern version of the traditional helmet, with a length that normally does not exceed chin. It can be smooth or moved , scaled or not. The important thing is, of course, to make sure that this kind of hairstyle is able to make the most of all your points of advantage, enhancing the main ones and helping to conceal the lesser ones. attractive. In short, a style that does not disappoint and that could accompany you throughout the season!


Pixie cut


Of course, in this short summary of the main short haircuts useful to be able to start big in a 2017 full of satisfactions, the pixie cut could certainly not be missing! It is a very youthful and cheeky style, which leaves the neck free and can boast a variety of formats useful to make its stylistic production practically infinite. Although it refers mainly to the male population, over the years it is precisely the women who have managed to get the best out of it. And which side are you on? Don’t you find that the pixie cut proposed today are simply irresistible?


Many photos for new evaluations!


As always we have had the opportunity to do in these years, even today we are pleased to close our gallery by proposing a beautiful series of photographs of women who have obtained the maximum appeal from their look with short hair . It is a series of styles and references that will enrich your range of potential alternatives and that will probably serve to induce you into pleasant temptations. We therefore leave you with these reference models and … let us know what you have chosen and if you liked these photos!


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