Fast Hair Extension and Care Tips

Natural hair care secrets, methods to ensure healthy and fast hair growth are in the interest of all women. The first thing to know about hair care is undoubtedly good nutrition. Hair is fed primarily from the inside, healthy body also means healthy hair. Make sure you get enough protein, vegetables and fruits in your diet. If you have problems such as hair loss or excessive dandruff, consult a doctor first. Even with a simple blood test, iron or any vitamin deficiency can occur and countermeasures can be taken. Otherwise, natural hair care work done outside will not work. If your hair started to fall out seasonally, you can apply for zinc supplements. Zinc and biotin tablets are sold as natural supplements in pharmacies.

One of the most important steps to look beautiful and well-groomed is hair and hair care, which requires effort and patience. We have a list that goes on and on every day in the form of regular cleaning, drying, shaping and maintenance with the least possible damage. Let’s go over these steps together.

Washing and drying


We know that you want to take a shower especially in the summer, but it is better if you don’t wash your hair every time. If you want to wash it, wash it with water only. The shampoo cleanses your hair from dirt, while removing the natural oil and protection shield of the hair. Shampooing every other day protects your hair from hair breakage. The temperature of your bath water must be warm. Shower with very hot water dries the hair and damages the hair roots. After washing, it is recommended to remove the excess water in your hair by pressing it with a towel and not to dry it by fencing, so to speak. If you comb your hair forward, you will minimize breakage and spillage. Because the top parts of the hair are always open to factors such as sun and wind, they break faster. If you use a soft-bristled brush or a wide-spaced comb, you will finish combing with minimal damage.

Hair styling


Electric tools, which give shape to hair, dry our hair. Again, these processes break and cause them to spill. You can also do wonders without using these products with practical hairstyles on our blog. If you are one of those who say that I cannot live without a hair straightener, apply a protective conditioner to your hair before the procedure. And keep in mind that your hair will need more care than usual. In summer, it is best to let your hair dry naturally after applying styling. The hair dryer can make the hair appear stranded. After drying with a hair dryer or using a straightener, you should only apply care oil or rinse conditioner to the ends. In this way, you can prevent your hair from drying out.


Professionals help


If your hair has started to multiply or you are dealing with other hair problems, you can get help from your hairdresser besides natural hair care recommendations. After all, we use herbal hair care cures that you can apply at home, as well as hair care products that we supply from the markets. You can buy and use one quality product until you budget a few products. We can recommend GK Hair, Tigi, Davines and Goldwell brands. For these brands that you can find in hairdressers, you can review the products from this site.


Hair care masks at home


You can create wonders with hair masks made using natural materials and easily applied at home. Herbal hair care masks prepared with various spices such as olive oil, honey, eggs, thyme, rosemary, and lavender at home help your hair grow faster. Did you know, for example, that cinnamon makes hair grow faster? You can find the solution in nature with the care masks prepared with cinnamon oil and cinnamon.


Cinnamon mask making;


1 Teaspoon powdered cinnamon and 2 tablespoons of heated olive oil and mix it on your scalp. After waiting for half an hour, shampoo and wash normally. Be careful not to burn when heating olive oil. It is sufficient to lean on low heat in the coffee pot. Another alternative is to mix 1 teaspoon of honey into this mask. The effect of the mask will increase with the honey’s hair structuring feature. Cinnamon mask is suitable for use once a week.


You can also apply the cinnamon oil you will get from Aktar directly to the scalp with a massage. This cinnamon oil, which you will make before bathing, is suitable for half an hour as a waiting time.



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