Fast Hair Extension Methods

Fast Hair Extension Methods

Our hair is important, precious but also sensitive. External factors such as environmental conditions, wrong product use and chemicals are affected very quickly by internal factors such as stress, sadness, illness or malnutrition. Problems such as hair loss, wear and slow growth are the reactions that develop due to these factors. And it’s actually all a scalp problem. The first condition for fast hair growth is to have a healthy scalp. Breathing hair follicles grow healthily and faster. Topics such as washing hair daily, washing with excessive hot water, constantly gathering hair, use of chemical products will damage both the strands and roots of our hair. If you say that my hair does not grow quickly, keep this information in mind 😉 Now let’s come to the tips about fast hair extension methods. Or more familiar; After a long time without caring for the hair fractures, they take the hairdresser’s way and return home with a pinch of hair. We all have to come at least once per semester. We searched for fast hair extension methods for you , which became a common concern for women. Apart from that, we have listed the mistakes in hair care that prevent hair growth. We think it will be very easy to achieve long and healthy hair imagined when all is applied!

Fast Hair Extension Methods


Hair Care Oils


First of all, you should know that you need to take good care of your scalp in order to grow your hair in a healthy way. Especially hair dryness prevents hair growth. For this, you can care your hair with hair care oils. Since the hair that grows with the fractures will be the last fate cut; With hair care oils , you can ensure your hair to grow in a healthy way. Hair extension methods are now very easy with options that can be easily applied at home… After applying the five-minute treatment cures on your hair and making a complex with a hot towel, you can proceed to rinsing.




Whatever you apply to your hair, the last thing you need to do is to go through a good purification process. While the hair roots are fed through the blood, it gets air from the ends. For this reason, the shampoo etc. left on the scalp. things prevent your hair from growing. For hair to grow quickly, you should rinse with warm water and also use purifying care oils.

Hair Fractures


Regular hair removal accelerates your hair growth. When you do not cut the fractures, it progresses rapidly towards the bottom. To prevent this, you should periodically remove the fractures from your hair ends. Considering that the hair grows 1.5 cm per month;


Massage to Hair Bottoms


You can accelerate the blood circulation by massaging your scalp with your fingertips in each bathroom.




You should know that your nutrition is very effective in the healthy hair extension process as well as the external treatments. With a protein-based nutrition program, you can reduce your hair loss and make your hair grow faster.


Factors That Slow Hair Growth


Washing hair with nail tips


When you wash your hair using your nails, you cause damage to the bottom of the hair. The destructions are; shedding hair and prevent hair growth. In order not to damage the hair roots; You should wash your hair by massaging with your fingertips. Thus, you increase blood circulation in the hair roots and take an important step for fast hair extension.


Washing Hair With Hot Water


Washing the hair with extremely hot water; it does more damage to your hair than you can imagine. Your hair, which has lost its vitality, starts to fall out and grows slowly. Ideally, it is necessary to perform washing with warm water.


Contacting Hair Bottoms with Conditioner


You should only apply the conditioner to your hair ends. Conditioner in contact with the scalp; damages your hair follicles and prevents your hair from growing.


Hair extension methods can be applied at home!


There are recipes that you can easily prepare at home for the hair to grow faster. Hair extension methods with natural materials will be both easy and low cost. Foods such as eggs, honey, olive oil, vinegar, potatoes (yes, you have not heard wrong :)) and onions can be found in every kitchen. Hair extension methods are now easier with recipes that can be applied at home ..


Does onion juice grow hair?


Both the water obtained by boiling the onion and the fresh water obtained by squeezing directly are beneficial for the hair. It is also possible to prepare onion juice by passing the onion juice through a fine filter. It strengthens the hair follicles and helps hair grow faster and new hair growth. There are different types of recipes and applications in this article on hair extension cures with onions .


Natural hair masks prepared at home


Egg mask for hair


Egg stimulates hair follicles with the high protein it contains and plays a big role in healthy hair growth. Especially the vitamin A in the yolk supports the production of sebum, stimulates the hair follicles and helps the hair to grow quickly .


For fast hair growth, beat 1 egg well and mix with 1 tablespoon of olive oil. Massage it from the scalp to the hair roots. After waiting for half an hour, rinse with warm water.


Hair mask with honey


The strengthening effect of honey is also beneficial for the hair roots. Although it does not have a direct effect on hair growth, it helps to regain its health by repairing the damaged hair. Healthy hair grows quickly!


Thoroughly whisk 1 teaspoon of honey and 1 egg yolk. Beginning from the hair follicles, massage it for 4-5 minutes so that it penetrates your hair well. After waiting for 30 minutes, you can rinse with warm water.


Hair care with olive oil


The health benefits of olive oil do not stop counting. Hair care is one of these areas .. You can provide effects on moisturizing hair, stronger hair and moisturizing. However, the most important detail here is that you use pure olive oil. Your hair will be shiny and strong with organic and good quality olive oil.


Fast Hair Extension Methods


Does olive oil grow hair?


The benefit of olive oil to the hair is to prevent it from falling out first. It adds health to the hair with the antioxidants it contains. It moisturizes, nourishes and softens the hair. It is one of the foods that help the hair to grow easily with its care for the scalp.


It is the easiest to apply olive oil directly to the hair. Using olive oil by warming increases its effect. In very low heat, you can apply it directly to the hair roots and ends by heating a small amount without burning. You can also get more benefits by adding lavender oil and almond oil for fast hair growth.


Olive oil mask for hair


For fast hair extension methods, you can make a healthy mask for hair care at home by using vitamin E capsules, which are available from the pharmacy, and olive oil. The ingredients are very simple .. 2 tablespoons of olive oil, 1 teaspoon of honey, 1 vitamin E capsule. Mix these three ingredients thoroughly and apply them by brushing as if you paint them, by separating your hair into tufts with the help of a brush used in hair coloring. Spend a hair cap and keep it on your hair for 1-1.5 hours, if possible. Then rinse thoroughly and wash with the help of a mild shampoo.


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