Fast Hair Extensions with Ginger

Those who love long hair or those who have just had their hair broken look for cure for fast hair growth. Although hair growth varies from person to person depending on the hair structure, the hair provides a certain amount of growth every month. However, this growth may slow down due to hair loss, dull hair, dandruff and other scalp problems. In such cases, measures should be taken with fast hair extension and hair extension methods to support hair growth.

Ginger for hair


This plant, which grows in tropical climates and is widely used in the field of traditional medicine in India and China, is frequently found both in wet form and in powder form. It is rich in vitamins C, E, B6, calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc and protein. It is accepted and known to be used in cold, flu, cough, stomach ailments, migraine. It is among the plants used in hair care in terms of its rich minerals and vitamins useful for hair.

Hair extension with ginger


It stimulates hair follicles with the fatty acids in its content, nourishes the hair follicles with vitamins and thus affects the rapid growth of hair.


How does ginger apply to hair?


You can care for your hair with a ginger cure that you can easily apply at home with a few simple recipes. You can apply ginger juice to your hair and prepare a cure with a ginger mask. There is no need to rinse, as the ginger smell does not bother. Hair care with ginger provides ease of use in this way.

Hair extension with ginger juice


Grate 1 root ginger and add 1 cup of water. After it starts to boil, cut the gold and boil on low heat for 5 minutes. Take only water with the help of a strainer after warming. Apply to your washed, clean hair on the scalp. It is an easy cure as it does not require rinsing. You can also add ginger water, which you prepared before, to the final rinse water after each bath. When you apply this way regularly, the circulation in your hair follicles is accelerated and thus, it is effective in healthy hair growth.


Preparing a ginger mask


Add 1 tablespoon of pure olive oil on freshly grated ginger root as thin as 1 tablespoon. Mix well by crushing. Apply the mixture by massaging your scalp. When you wait for half an hour, you will feel that your hair follicles are warming up. In this way, while circulation in your scalp accelerates, your hair care will be completed with vitamins and minarels at the same time. After half an hour, you can normally shampoo and purify your hair.


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