Federico Fashion Style talks about his daughter: "Born with artificial insemination"

Federico Fashion Style talks about his daughter: "Born with artificial insemination"

Federico Fashion Style is now a person known to anyone ; passed to success thanks to his program on Real Time , today he is the hairdresser of well-known faces of our artistic panorama and beyond. Numerous influencers such as Giulia De Lellis consider Federico the best on the market and continuously show off colors, cuts and folds of the most eccentric hairstylist ever. He recently wanted to give an interview in which he revealed many details of his private life, also mentioning how the conception of his daughter Sophie Maelle occurred. Let’s see together.


Federico Fashion Style talks about himself


Looking at him, one immediately understands that his personality stands out above all else and Federico knows it; so – interviewed by the week Who by Alfonso Signorini – Federico Lauri (aka Fashion Style) declared that he liked both men and women very much and received indecent proposals from many people : “I enjoy it very much. And I get proposals from men and women. Now Letizia got used to it, at the beginning she was jealous, I said to her: ‘Let me, what do you care? I am nice to everyone, but then I come back to you in the evening. ” It is essential for me to make women happy. ” Oh yes, Federico is happily engaged , although many wonder if he is actually straight or not.


In this regard, Federico says: “I have not been married, I have been engaged to Letizia for 12 years and we have a daughter named Sophie Maelle and the marriage is still far away. I’m not gay, I have a daughter and a partner. It does not mean that if you are dressed like this you are gay or because you are a hairdresser or stylist ”. Little Sophie was conceived through artificial insemination and her godmother at baptism was none other than Valeria Marini.


Anzio’s hairstylist went on to explain his relationship with Letizie to the joy of finally becoming a father : “I have been engaged for 12 years with a girl, Letizia, who has always supported. She wasn’t a hairdresser, but she also became a hairdresser. And having what is our little girl today was my great desire: I want all the sacrifices I am making today to make my daughter happy tomorrow. I suffered a lot from having it, you know? To have it done insemination, I was operated on for varicocele, I always tell it because there are many people like me who are ashamed. I say: ‘Do it, because it is normal’, and Sophie Maelle is the fruit of my love and of Letizia’s love. ”

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