Flamboyage for the most fashionable hair is coming!

Flamboyage for the most fashionable hair is coming!

If you want to be really fashionable and ride one of the latest hair trends, flamboyage is the one for you, representing without a doubt the main priority for those women who want to conquer the top. for spring 2019


In short, after invading the market with balayage , dip dye, shatush and more, stylists all over the world seem inclined to fire the flamboyage as a new prevailing coloring technique, capable of ensuring maximum emphasis on the dark shade of hair. Created by Angelo Seminara, flamboyage can in fact accentuate the reflections of color, however avoiding that the result may appear superficial (as unfortunately happens when resorting to less accurate techniques).


This technique therefore brings clear advantages to the hair of all women who want to be fashionable without losing the touch of naturalness that must necessarily be maintained during spring and summer. As the name suggests, flamboyage derives from the need to provide a bright and warm color through horizontal, mono-colored but multi-faceted locks. Through this method it will in fact be possible to color the entire length of the hair with shades of chocolate, copper, honey and tobacco, and thus obtain a subtle play of chiaroscuro that provides light to one’s hair.


Not only: the flamboyage , in addition to providing a more natural appearance to its hair, will also allow to reduce the problem of regrowth, preserving the reflections produced on the hair by sunlight during the next spring, and covering the first white hair in an extremely natural way. The flamboyage also adapts perfectly to any haircut: the most popular hair stylists in the world experience it positively on very short hair ( pixie cut ) or sui long bob with side forelock, flowing and long hair, and much more!


Flamboyage for the most fashionable hair is coming!

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If you also want to provide further contrast to your hair, you can try to approach the reflections of colors by adopting wavy hair without a plate, with waves that will reward your hair more.


In short, ask your trusted hairdresser what he thinks of flamboyage and how he would be able to apply it to your style : you could gain it in great value and value, and obtain a complete and renewed style. effective, spring-proof!


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