For All Hair Types: Egg Mask

The indispensable material of many hair care masks applied at home is eggs. Eggs are among the most effective natural applications of hair care due to their content of vitamins A, D, E, high protein value, rich in sulfur and fatty acids. By using the egg alone or combining it with different materials, you can prepare hair care masks for your hair type and get effective results in regular use.

Eggs are a natural food useful for any hair type. The egg’s white contains bacteria-eating enzymes, while its protein-rich yolk acts as a natural moisturizer. In excessive greasing problems, it balances the oil content of the scalp. In the care masks that you will make using only eggs, the application of the egg differs in different hair types.

Among other benefits of egg on hair:


Preventing the formation of fracture
Bringing vitality to the hair
Performing hair repair
– Hair loss preventing
accelerating hair growth
nourishing the scalp
adding moisture to the hair.

The application of the egg according to the hair types:


In the application of an egg care mask for normal hair, apply the entire egg to the hair, leave it on the hair for 20 minutes and rinse with cold water.
-On hair care mask application for oily hair , apply only the influx of the egg to the entire hair, leave it on the hair for 20 minutes and rinse with cold water.
On dry and damaged hair , apply the yolk of the egg to the whole hair and wait 20 minutes and rinse with cold water.


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