Funky short hair styles to share absolutely!

Funky short hair styles to share absolutely!

If you want to know more about what is the most fashionable short hair , you can not help but look at our many insights conducted in recent weeks on the subject. We have repeatedly discussed adequately about pixie cut & co., Identifying far more than a few trend lines that could satisfy your restyling needs.


We want to focus today, however, on the funky short hair, which are becoming increasingly popular all over the world and, in it, also in Italy. And although they are certainly more used among younger girls, there are not a few adults who have chosen to use them in order to make their months of approaching summer more fashionable and fashionable.


Colors and more!


As it appears to be easily identifiable by consulting our photogallery today, a good part of the merit of short fashion hair is attributable to the color . Using rather “aggressive” and superficially eccentric shades, can in fact give the right level of personality to an apparently dull look: and so, from violet to blue, from [19459002 ] green to pink, in recent months is all a swarm of nuances so far kept in the drawer, and which instead are acquiring a truly enviable popularity and importance.


In any case, it would be wrong to limit the strong personality of these short fashion hair to the only choice of a slightly particular color. In order to give the right appeal to your hairstyle, you must necessarily go through a declined haircut in order to enhance your emotions and sensations.


Hence the choice of the more “in” styles is a short step. And it will be enough to play with tufts and shaves, scales and volumes, to be able to achieve a star look!


New collection with many super chic pixie cuts chosen for you!


As for the preeminent sources of inspiration, much has been said over the past few days and much more will be said in the coming weeks, in view of the approach to the summer season. Among the many styles, we would like to highlight, for example, how the years of punk rock are still a reference source for the new cuts that are characterized by shorter volumes on the front and longer behind, with strong scales.


If you are not convinced, do not worry: the embarrassment of choice is always present! So, you can try to dust off some nice undercut, typical of the of the 80s, , however, trying not to make cuts that are too rigorous. Better instead to proceed to a nuance – possibly also in version sidecut – softer and lighter, with only one side with long and asymmetrical forelock on the opposite side of the head .


In principle, of course, much will depend on your face. So try to fully analyze what are your main aesthetic characteristics and, consequently, try to put on your head a hairstyle that can fully respect your strengths. For example, if you have a very round face, our advice is to reduce the volumes on the sides, instead favoring the upper ones, aimed at exhausting the entire face.


If, on the other hand, you have a beautiful oval face, with very delicate features, you can do practically anything you want: you can approach very short or medium-short cuts. And, in any case, it would still be good to try to follow the trends of the moment, therefore proceeding to a light, not rigid cut, with tufts left freely disheveled.


Renew your hairlook!


How can you try to renew your hairstyle in a super trendy way? The answer, however unambiguous, could be linked to the possibility of experimenting with one of the many short haircuts that we have had the opportunity to appreciate and praise over the past few months: particularly fascinating, seductive, cheeky and youthful short cuts , which in the margins of this article we will deepen further with a nice gallery.


In the first place, however, it can be very useful to remember that today short haircuts are among the greatest exponents of femininity that you can find inside a beauty salon: it is in fact sufficient to take a quick look at the most glossy magazines in vogue of the moment to realize how fascinating, versatile and seductive the shorter hairlooks are, from pixie cut onwards.


Of course, the above should not deceive you that it is enough to “cut it” to get extraordinary results. Even the cut of short hair (or “above all” the cut of short hair!) Must in fact be carefully declined on the basis of your actual visual characteristics, using it as a sort of magnifying glass of your strengths.


In doing so, you will easily realize how adaptable a nice short haircut can be. By playing on the volumes, on the fringes and on the tufts, you will in fact be able to obtain millions of variations, each of which can bring different effects to your beauty.


Remember therefore that the search for the best short hair style is a path to be taken with particular caution, and above all with the help of an expert consultant (your hairdresser!) Who can protect you from the main mistakes. which can sometimes be impudently committed to approaching short haircuts.


And finally, remember once again that there is a remedy for everything: even if the short haircut is not to your liking, with a few tricks you will probably be able to “correct” the shot and make it more suitable for your style preferences. And even if it weren’t, there are always extensions, right?

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