Gold Leaf Hair, the new trend of gold leaves in your hair

Gold Leaf Hair, the new trend of gold leaves in your hair

It’s called Gold Leaf Hair, and if you look for these three words on the web you will find thousands and thousands of attractive and particularly innovative photographs, linked to the presence of golden leaves among the own hair. In reality, however, this is not actually a “new” technique: the application of gold leaves is in fact common to embellish furnishings and other elements that you want to be able to highlight in particular. The novelty therefore lies in the fact of being able and wanting to apply this technique on hair, making it – evidently – very shiny and glamorous.


But how can you replicate this technique in order to further improve your hair style?


Let’s start by remembering that it is not a visual approach valid for every day. The gold leaves in your hair must instead represent an element of appreciation for some particular occasion or for some rather elegant evening, in which your hairstyle will stand out, and the refined elegance of having inserted some grafts golden on your hair.




Having established the above, we can try to understand how the desired effect can be achieved. Let’s start with a nice hair wash, followed by careful drying, which can eliminate any excess of water. At this point, apply foam or gel on the area to be illuminated, and put the gold leaf as you prefer: you can apply it, piece by piece, on the hair with a brush or with your fingers, then making it adhere well to the hair with light pressure.


Once finished, it will be sufficient to spray a little lacquer: the goal we should pursue is in fact to fix the result and extend the duration of the hairstyle, especially if we have the opportunity to leave the hair in the air (and avoid therefore that the pieces of gold end up resting on the dress).


As will be evident from the many photographs you find around the web, and from the photogallery we have chosen to dedicate to you today, there are many alternatives on the market. From the more sober to the more invasive ones, it will be up to you to try and identify what could be ideal for obtaining a refined and elegant hair style, which could positively develop the glamor of your hair look.


Remember also the above, finally we point out that if you really don’t want to do the do-it-yourself application of the gold leaves (it’s simple, but it still takes a touch of manual skills that you could don’t have time to buy if the “big event” is tonight!) you can get help from your hairdresser.

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