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Food that is good for hair

Hair is a part of beauty and the most prominent part that everyone cares about. It is our desire to have hair that shines with health, strong, especially hair without hair loss and dandruff. Hair care is not as difficult and troublesome as we think. Hair treatments at home are more preferred both in terms of being less costly and being made with the foods that are always available in the kitchen.

You can save time and budget when using foods that are good for hair. Hair care performed in hairdressing salons is costly and not always an opportunity. However, do you know that you can make the most useful care in the kitchen with the food at hand?


Foods that are good for hair include olive oil, honey, vinegar, eggs, milk, spices such as banana and avocado, as well as spices such as cinnamon and cloves. You can make hair care cures with these foods that are easy to prepare as well as to be found.

How to make hair care at home?


It is easy to do hair care at home and prepare hair care masks at home. After learning the quantity and materials to be used, you can achieve great results with these applications that will not take you much time.


Foods good for hair


Eggs in hair care


The protein rich egg is used as a solution against many hair problems. Egg, which is not preferred due to its rapid deterioration in cosmetic brands, is a food ingredient that can be found at home, and is one of the first materials in hair care masks prepared at home. It is an easy and practical hair care mask to prepare an egg mask especially for dry hair. It is also the key to healthy and shiny hair. You can apply a large egg with the yolk and white whisk and apply it from your scalp to the tips. After waiting for half an hour, rinse with warm or cold water. The most important rule in preparing an egg mask is to purify it with warm water close to cold while rinsing. Because hot water can make eggs harder by cooking the egg.


Hair care with olive oil


Olive oil miracle is a food ingredient that provides effect not only for health but also on face, skin and hair care. Olive oil can be applied directly to the hair or can be used with eggs, honey, fruits and spices. It softens the hair, nourishes it because it is rich in vitamin e, and it is ideal for dry and damaged hair because it is a natural moisturizer. Hair extension with olive oil is a method applied by many people. Apply 1 tablespoon of olive oil by massaging directly on your scalp, and apply it to your hair ends. After half an hour, you can wash your hair normally.


The use of honey in hair care


Honey hair masks nourish, soften hair, honey, rich in minerals and vitamins, repair hair and protect against breakage. You can apply it with the help of a brush by separating your hair roots as if you are painting the paint directly on the hair.


Preparing a hair mask with yogurt


With yogurt, your hair comes alive and gains vitality and shine. It nourishes the hair with the high amount of calcium it contains.


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