Goodbye to Dandruff!

Dandruff is one of the biggest hair problems; for men and women. Dandruff problem directly affects people’s social lives. Even if the hair is clean, it is difficult to get a fresh look. Especially wearing a dark shirt and a shirt would be a nightmare. However, it is one of the most common hair problems and there are many dandruff treatments. The problem of dandruff, the scalp flaking, is caused by the regeneration of the skin and scalp itself. In fact, every time we wash, we remove the dead skin in our scalp and body. However, this is not noticeable. Dandruff is caused by the skin regenerating itself too quickly and the dead skin not being able to beat itself. There are many factors that trigger this problem. Let’s examine the factors that trigger dandruff formation before moving to !

How to Prevent Dandruff in Hair?

Wrong Shampoo!


The main reason for dandruff problem in women and men is the wrong shampoo selection. Many people ignore the hair type when purchasing shampoo. Shampoos that are sold at very cheap prices in the markets contain chemicals. They bring with it many problems from dandruff to shedding and dry hair. One mistake that especially large families do is to use a common shampoo. However, every hair needs is different and shampoo should be selected according to hair type and hair problems. Choosing non-chemical, dandruff shampoos is a must in overcoming this problem.

Hair Styling Products


If hair styling products are not removed from the hair at the end of the day, dandruff formation is inevitable. You should definitely wash the hair you have styled in the morning to the evening. Especially in short-haired men, the most common reason for dandruff problem is jelly, foam, etc. They are the product. These types of products that irritate the scalp and prevent air circulation should be used with caution. Styling products that prevent dandruff can be preferred. However, purification must be carried out at the end of the day!


Dry Skin


Dandruff problem is very common in people with skin dryness problem. In this case, dandruff shampoos may also be insufficient. So the first thing to do is to deal with the problem of dryness. For this, it is necessary to perform hair care with herbal methods, which we will list soon. Natural cures such as olive oil and honey can moisturize the scalp and prevent dandruff. Likewise, shampoo with moisturizing content should be used. If dandruff is caused by dry skin problem, it should be tried to consume plenty of water.


Oily Skin


The reason for dandruff formation in oily skin is that the dead skin sticks to the scalp and causes flaking. People with oily skin type should pay attention to hair washing processes; Regardless of the product they use, they should be free from hair. Likewise, the use of oily hair shampoos can prevent dandruff formation.


Hair Washing Frequency


Washing too little or too much hair also triggers dandruff. One of the problems of dandruff is to wash the hair more or less than necessary. Excessive hair dries and causes exfoliation. The reason for the little washing of the hair is the reason for the lubrication; dead skin is sticking to the scalp. The scalp, which is not removed from the dead skin, begins to dandruff after a while.




Our nutritional habits are the basis of many problems that happen to our body. Improper nutrition shows its effect on every part of the body, from your hair to your skin. You should pay attention to a diet based on vegetables. Likewise, you should avoid the excess of everything and minimize your coffee and tea consumption.


Natural Methods Against Dandruff



  • Coconut Oil: One of the best methods for wholemeal hair is to apply coconut oil. Before you shower, apply by massaging your scalp and wrap your hair with cheesecloth or towel. After waiting for 40 minutes, you can purify your hair with warm water. It is a very effective method to dandruff problem!

  • Beet Juice: It is one of the most effective dandruff treatment methods. Boil the beet as it is and massage it into the scalp with water. Then wash your hair with dandruff shampoo.

  • Vinegar: It is very effective not only for dandruff but also for many hair problems. It has a direct effect against scalp crusting and irritation. You can perform your hair rinse by massaging your scalp with vinegar.


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