Gray hair: spectacular shades to share for 2019

Gray hair: spectacular shades to share for 2019

Some time ago Jean Paul Gaultier started the fashion of the models with the gray hair on the catwalk, with many different hairstyles. In the wake of that example, Givenchy, Lanvin, Edun, Louis Vuitton and Chanel also followed in his footsteps.


Gray hair, those who have them hate them, those who don’t have them want them!


The film is just one of the reasons why the hair style “gray” is dominating the stars and the models, among the girls on the street and on social networks.


So not only hairdressers are looking for the real reasons for this discovery of gray hair, but also sociologists and psychologists. What is that? Wanting to say that time passes does not take away beauty? Any way to shake off the burden of dyeing when a few years have passed?


Gray hair: here’s some why …


Gray hair: spectacular shades to share for 2019

straight gray hair @


Read the article all the way, look at the stars who have added a little (or a lot) of silver to their hair, and perhaps you will begin to understand the reason for this hymn to the passing time .


It’s not “grandmother’s hair” …


Gray hair: spectacular shades to share for 2019

wavy gray hair @


This fashion of old age only borrows balance and wisdom in shaking off “regrowth slavery”, the need to resort to color as soon as a root lights up in silver. Maybe this is one of the reasons why gray hair is appreciated by women of any age TODAY.


Of course, the choice of bleaching (risks of appearing old before time) is not really one of the simplest. If a young girl chooses gray hair, the choice is probably motivated by rebellion against the obligation to always be at the top. In short, a provocation of the type “I am beautiful even without dyeing my hair”. A provocation, of course, everyone will know that at that age if he has gray hair it is because he dyed it! But this is just one of the most interesting aspects of this strange fashion!


Gray pride



When the part of the white hair reaches 60% of the total, if one chooses to leave gray hair, it is because she is so sure of herself. But one can reach a choice of this type also by degrees . Your hair stylist will be able to advise you for the most suitable hair cut and for the most gray shades of hair in harmony with your complexion . If you are dark or, better, your skin has warm shades, then gray hair must be more “salt and pepper”.


Gray hair … platinum!


Gray hair: spectacular shades to share for 2019

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This is a variation “ platinum ” of gray , with precious and sumptuous aspects.


What if I’m pale?


Gray hair: spectacular shades to share for 2019

gray hair salt and pepper @


Well, if the complexion is clear, then the shades of gray hair must be “cold”, like platinum and silver. With some light blue and lilac reflections. Kelly Osbourne shows you how …


Gray hair is very trendy


Gray hair: spectacular shades to share for 2019

trendy gray hair @


The trendy gray can be declined in many shades (well over fifty …) at least as many rocks and metals exist in the world. The classic “salt & pepper” has in itself shades of smoke, anthracite, platinum, silver and ash. But if you add some violet or lilac sparkling reflections, you will give him joy.


Yes to gray hair, as long as it is treated


Gray hair: spectacular shades to share for 2019

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The one shown here is a “stolen” image in the backstage of a Jean Paul Gaultier fashion show. They are certainly gray hair, but treated in a way that cannot turn yellow , with a shampoo with a silvery reflection that goes to counteract the formation of that yellowish antipathy, which is so “old”.


Gray hair with silvery highlights (Silver)


Gray hair: spectacular shades to share for 2019

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It is good to know that to wear gray hair so casually it is necessary to ALWAYS contrast the frizz , using products that soften and regulate the hair.


The new trend that appeals to women


Gray hair: spectacular shades to share for 2019

salt and pepper gray @


Morality and the common aesthetic sense are about to be overturned by a new perspective applied to this nuance, considered natural and therefore increasingly preferred by millions of women around the world. The fight against white hair fatigues , in fact, millions of women, so the preference given to dyes very close to gray and enhanced by contrasting effects is not surprising.


We are not talking only of mature women, because many refined girls, even from 30 years of age, have chosen to decline their hair in this shade, preferring it for its uniqueness and for its engaging charm.


The gray palette available in professional centers is full of different proposals , so gray no longer presents itself as an end in itself, but as a universe to be discovered. The more pleasant versions warm gray with darker silver reflections, making the metallic effect more targeted and thus amplifying the sense of sober elegance.


Even touches of violet and blue contribute to warming the whole and reviving the final result, especially if the cut is fresh, jaunty and in line with current trends.


What about the effect degradè , deliciously applicable also on gray hair? As with the other colors, also in this case gray can start with a pearly nuance, to be completed with a more metallic and darker choice in the portion of the roots. The opposite effect gives a definitely punk allure, so it can be chosen by those who love scenographic solutions.


Degradè can be chosen in wide contrast, if you choose to color the tips with the rainbow of colors. This choice is perfect for those who love the most rebellious hues and are inspired by the punk rock style. The gray associated with fuchsia, purple and fluorescent green cannot in fact be defined refined, but certainly rich in personality.


The most ethereal and romantic version of gray is proposed, undoubtedly, the light one, enriched with lavender streaks . This solution gives women of all ages, as it does not push the potential of color to the maximum but gives a romantic, sweet and impalpable allure.


If chosen on long hair , the coloring can be made even more pleasant with new romantic mood hairstyles, such as light ponytails or soft and side bun.



The right accessories for those who wear the gray color certainly reside in the metals , therefore in the hair pins , in the hairpins and in the hoops made in silver shades. Perhaps the colored accessories do not go well with this refined tint unless they are floral compositions with delicate colors, chosen in chromatic accord with gray and therefore in the palette of old pinks, brick reds and ethereal blues.


As in the case of lighter blondes, gray also requires the use of reasoned accessories, capable of satisfying its refined spirit and raising its innate class.


Gray hair, a fashion to marry even in winter!


Gray hair: spectacular shades to share for 2019

salt and pepper @


About the gray hair on female and male hair, natural or not, we have talked at length over the past few months. On the other hand, it was clear that fashion has given a real go-ahead to hair graying: whether it is coloring (or leaving your whole hair naturally gray ), be it whether it’s to season it with some lock or gray streaks, what we have seen has been a real customs clearance of a color that, until recently, was essentially the fruit of a provision destined for the older ones.


Also the evidence that gray is no longer just a “natural” color, but also an artificial refinement , is to season the above picture. In other words, the fact that the gray is more depopulated than a few years ago means not only that many people are letting their hair fade naturally, without intervening with special dyes, as well as the fact that many other people are approaching gray voluntarily, thus seeking a safe effect color in this color.


Whether it’s blonde or black hair, gray therefore seems to please everyone, and the temptation to put some gray on your head can therefore please many women today in our reading. Anyway, woe to give in to the fashions of the moment: wearing a gray in your hair is not in fact a “thing” for everyone. Although it is one of the trends of the moment, it is certainly important to share this assessment with your trusted hairdresser, trying to understand what is best for your face, based on the color of the skin, the character, the emotions we want to communicate, and so Street.


In other words, the choice of going to gray must be a carefully thought out and carefully studied choice together with a professional hair stylist. The risk is in fact that if the landing at gray is random and not well planned, the whole figure is affected by a sudden aging.


If instead you get to the gray by degrees and with the right awareness, the results will be extraordinary .

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