Hair behind the ears, what are the meanings?

Hair behind the ears, what are the meanings?

Many women have the habit of wearing their hair behind their ears . And it is certainly not (or only) a gesture that follows fashion and styles, but also and above all unconscious gestures, whose meanings deserve to be deepened in a synthetic synthetic approach. In short, what is the meaning of putting one’s hair behind the ears ? What is behind this very simple gesture, which at the same time is able to detect so much of us? Let’s find out a lot more!


Knowing body language


Knowing the signals that the body can unknowingly and instinctively send in communicative terms is very important in order to improve one’s social relationships. On the other hand, body language never lies: and therefore that of putting the hair behind the ears is a gesture that can express much more than we would be able to do with words.


Woe, therefore, to think that putting the hair behind the ear could be an insignificant gesture. Instead, it is a very important gesture, which can also be rather difficult to control, which frequently happens to repeat in certain periods more than others, and which hides more than one meaning. By the way, let’s see together what they are, and how to use body language to our advantage in order to improve one’s sensuality and one’s communicative strength.


An opening signal


In the first place, it is good to remember that the gesture of bringing the hair behind the ears is traditionally assimilated as a strong signal of openness: when in fact we choose to discover the ears, we place ourselves in a listening position. Furthermore, the woman who discovers her ears wearing hair behind her ears is a bit like revealing something hidden, secret. In short, showing your ears means wanting to open up, showing yourself to others, listening to what they have to tell us and striving to understand your point of view.


In other words, showing off your ears means showing that you are ready to take advantage of any opportunity that comes from others, in a real availability towards others.


Sometimes it means embarrassment


However, not always putting the hair behind the ears is equivalent to wanting to open up and propose to others in communicative terms. Sometimes, in fact, putting your hair behind your ears can represent a gesture of unconscious embarrassment. Try to think when you are nervous: it is very likely that in those situations you tend to play with your hair, to fix it, to put it in order, as if you had an unjustified fear of making a bad impression.


Not only that. Sometimes it is not just a gesture of embarrassment: wearing hair behind the ears can in fact be a gesture of unease, which can manifest the possibility of experiencing a situation that does not make us feel exactly at home ease , and which therefore requires to be “arranged” at best.


It is also a gesture of sensuality


As if the above was not enough, putting the hair behind the ears can also have rather sensual implications , so much so that we conclude that in order to correctly interpret this signal we can only lower it in the right context. If in fact the woman finds herself in front of the man she loves or is attracted to, wearing her hair behind her ears is equivalent to communicating a real desire for seduction!


The reason is quite simple: putting the hair behind the ears serves to show the neck area, which is a very seductive area. In this way, therefore, a willingness to the physical approach is also demonstrated …

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