Hair Care Tips For Winter

Winter Care for Hair


Giving the care they need in the winter months to our hair, which tries to keep up with the change of the season, is a must for healthy hair.

It will be applied on dry, oily and normal hair types hair care , however, different points to be considered in long and short hair differ. Contrary to popular belief, short hair is more difficult to maintain than long hair. It becomes more obvious that it gets dirty and oiled, products such as hair spray and jelly used to shape the hair are easier to penetrate the scalp and the hair can be damaged easily. It is necessary to use jelly and sprays as little as possible and wash them on the same day. To avoid losing the nourishing layer on the bottom of the hair, too much shampoo should not be used. With the serums to be applied on the scalp, the hair can be made more vivid. Especially when washing and drying the hair, excessive heat should be avoided.

Of course, long hair care also requires care. People with long hair need to have their hair cut every three months. In addition, hair masks should be made at regular intervals and especially night hours should be preferred for such applications. Hair care can be done with natural oils such as olive oil and avocado oil. It is important to ensure that the beneficial substances in oils penetrate the hair. As with short hair, excessive heat should be avoided.


How Should Oily Hair Care Be In Winter?


Oiling in the winter increases more, which is partly true. Hats and hats worn to protect from the cold increase lubrication. People whose hair is oiled begin to wash their hair more, as the hair is washed more, the rate of lubrication increases and a vicious cycle occurs. To get rid of this, washing the hair every day should be stopped. It is enough to wash it every two or three days. In addition, not brushing and handling the hair too much prevents hair oiling. Shampoo suitable for hair, mask for oily hair and care treatments can be given with . Clay mask can be applied to the hair for excessive lubrication.

How to Care for Dry Hair in Winter?


The sun in summer and cold weather in winter affect hair negatively. In winter, hair dries more due to cold weather and wind. Also, the indoor heaters absorb the humidity of the environment and this is one of the important reasons for the drying of the hair. For this reason, hair needs more moisture in winter. Controlled steam dispensing machines can be used to prevent moisture in indoor environments. Apart from that, it is necessary to make moisture mask once a week or ten days. Hair should be protected with a beret or scarf when going out. Care should be taken that the products to be used in the hair do not contain alcohol. Alcohol also has a feature that makes the hair lifeless and dry.


What to do with dyed hair in winter?


Care of dyed hair requires care in all four seasons, especially in winter, cold weather and wind cause the hair to break and dry. It is necessary to cure at intervals of one or two weeks. Care treatments should be applied to protect the hair, wrap around the hair and make the hair look smooth. And constantly using color-protecting shampoo in summer and winter will help you to care for dyed hair.


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