Hair color and sex: tips and curiosities for a hot performance…

Hair color and sex: tips and curiosities for a hot performance…

It may seem seemingly very strange, but in reality it seems that the hair color can influence your relationship with your partner … even under the sheets. And to support it is a study conducted (by means of a large sample survey) by SKYN Condoms, a well-known brand in the world of condoms, perhaps we can trust. The brand has in fact studied what is the relationship between the world of eros and the blondes , the more and the brown, discovering that it is probably possible to draw relationships between hair color and one’s performance in bed. Curious?


The hot study!


To find the correlations below, the company sought answers from a sample of over 5,000 sexually active men, and from girls aged between 18 and 34, with colors of hair evidently different. Well, it seems that deductions can be based on truly convincing numbers.


Black hair


Let’s start with hair black , a typical element of the most seductive Mediterranean beauty. Well, it seems that women with black hair are also those of the women most used to expressing their sexual desires, and also those who in order to find a new partner do not have great problems in using paid apps and sites. It also appears that the champion concerned is the one most prone to one night’s adventures, and that they also have greater self-esteem that allows them to be more uninhibited under the sheets.


Red hair


And what about women with red hair ? The red ones are generally united to the passion and the “hotness”. Well, even in reality things do not seem to be very different, given that the redheads are people who are very open to new experiences and “experimentation”. They are therefore very creative women in bed, with a primacy for imagination and inventiveness.


Blond hair


Let’s move on to the blondes who, perhaps less imaginative than the redheads and less determined than the blacks, seem however to have a particularly active sex life. Among their main passions, that of being able to experience different places where they can produce sexual, even unconventional, performances.


Brown hair


A separate chapter also appears to be devoted to women who have brown hair . These are women considered more elegant and reliable than women who have shades of hair of different colors , and very reserved in bed. It seems, however, that once the partner has been chosen and a more confidential relationship has been established, they have little comparison!


Of course, no reader should take it if their very personal profile of “performance” and “desire” does not correspond to the above. Although the survey has been carried out on a particularly large sample, it is good not to forget that there is no scientific reasoning on the sidelines. Anyway … what do you think?


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