Hair Color Changing Guide

The most common method we all use for renewal and change is to change hair color. Although these changes often make us feel good, wrong choices can bother us. For this reason, especially if you are dyeing your hair for the first time, instead of radical changes in the first time, you should paint a few tones different colors than your natural hair color . Remember, there is a danger that the outcome will disappoint you.

During the hair coloring, the protective layer on the hair is opened, absorbs the dye and ensures that the color is fully activated. If you do not wash your hair for 1-2 days after dye, this effect increases. After that, you can choose shampoos with color protecting properties. If the hair color you want is a lighter shade or yellow color than your natural hair, you should consider that the hair opening process that will be applied before dye will wear your hair. It is also a known fact that if your hair is neglected and worn, you cannot get the desired efficiency from the dye. It is best to have maintenance done before and remove the fractures. It is recommended not to paint on clean hair, as is said among the people. Because after you wash your hair, it starts to get oiled and this natural oil also protects your hair from external effects.

When choosing hair dye , the most important thing to be careful is the harmony with the skin color. If you always prefer colors that are lighter up to 2 colors or dark up to 2 colors, you will get the color that is most compatible with your skin. In researches about hair colors, it has been revealed that chocolate coffee, close tones and bubble colors make people more accessible because they are warmer colors. Ashy brown and brown-red tones are cool colors and will give a rebellious appearance.


I Want To Change My Hair Color


Those with white skin may look pale with ashy or pale yellow colors. If you have white skin, they can get the perfect look they want with caramel, golden brown, golden auburn and honey foam tones.

Wheat-skinned , red and black for the auburn are among the colors that should be avoided. Colors such as ashy tones, coffees, golden auburn are complementary to the skin color for wheat skinned people. Bagging applications, which provide color transitions with 1-2 ton gap of hair, also suit most brown hairs.


Let’s Come to dark-skinned hair dye colors are limited for this fairly ambitious skin color. They are recommended to prefer coffee and black colors, not warm tones.


You should be careful that your haircut matches your face shape and your hair color matches your haircut. Your hairdresser will help you with this. Likewise, your eye color is a determining factor for your hair dye color.


What color do you put on dark brown?


Caramel shades are the most accurate toning on bronze and chestnut dark brown. If your dark brown hair is your natural color and you want to get a lighter color than you are, be prepared for the hairdressers must say that it should be lightening.


What color is on red hair?


This question is a question we often get from our red-haired readers. It is best to consult a good hairdresser on the subject of applying chocolate coffee on red hair and what color it holds on red hair. But it would be correct to talk and get ideas about post-application care beforehand. Because there are lots of examples that wear out due to wrong applications and cannot reach the desired color.


How to dye hair at home?


If you are constantly tired of going to the hairdresser, you can choose to dye your hair yourself at home. Many hair dye brands sell hair dye with different color alternatives in kits suitable for hair dyeing at home. As long as you choose the color that is compatible with your skin color, we do not think that you will have problems in the application.


Hair coloring tricks at home;


It can be a problem to remove the paints applied to your skin in your neck and neck after painting. You can use some petroleum jelly for this. Apply petroleum jelly to the forehead, forehead and behind the ears. In this way, the paint will not affect your skin.


For those who have long and thick hair, our recommendation is to use two boxes of dye. You should apply plenty of dye to prevent color differences by affecting all hair strands.


Protecting paint is as important as applying it. We have mentioned that shampoos suitable for dyed hair retain color quality longer. Another important issue is not to dry your hair with high heat. It causes the hair to wear out by disrupting the moisture balance and causes the colors to become dull.


We have previously shared our articles about hair care at home. (You can browse here again) Continue painting after painting. Well-groomed hair always shines with health and reveals the beauty of color.


Always follow the instructions on the hair dye box. Warnings on matters such as waiting time and pre-paint maintenance are important. Prepare an old towel that you will use after washing after painting by wearing an old T-shirt. If you get any spots on your skin, immediately wipe with a wet wipe.


Natural hair dyes


Ideal for those who want slight changes in hair color. Although they are not very effective in covering whites because they are not chemical, they give the hair shine, a visible shine and fullness. It is a great advantage that they are also caring for hair while coloring. If you want to lighten your hair a few shades, another alternative that will not damage your hair is to lighten the hair with natural methods. You can take a look at the effective hair opening methods mentioned in this article.


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