Hair color, discovering the broux with many photos!

Hair color, discovering the broux with many photos!

If, like us, you are always looking for particularly attractive and ever more fashionable shades of hair color , you cannot lose sight of the broux, a sort of way of half between brown and roux or, if you prefer, between brown and red . A shade of hair color that will give you coppery shades, illuminating the darker hair and bringing about truly extraordinary luminosity effects, useful for reviving the dullest colors a little during this winter.


With these characteristics, quickly summarized in the preceding lines, the broux can really apply to be one of the most delicious alternatives for the brunette who want to illuminate their hair. And so, after the mix of blonde and brown, which then produced the craze of bronde (on which we focused long in recent months), it seems that the autumn and winter months are partly characterized by another craze, that of broux , confirming the fact that the union of brown and red can guarantee a new charm to the reference hair style.


The broux color is therefore one of the warmer colors – in every sense! – of the season, and the result of the combination of the two basic colors mentioned above can actually give you incredible satisfactions: the goal is in fact to obtain a rather warm color, starting from a dark starting base (a brown) to be intensified and illuminate through the notes nuances towards the rouge.


To get the best, we recommend concentrating the light shades on the length of the crown and in particular on the tips, thus leaving the darker root. The intensity of the red may vary according to the tastes and the effect you really want to achieve with this variation of tone.


Unlike the bronde – which we have talked about for longer in recent months – broux seems to be more expendable by all women and, therefore, more capable of enhancing all the complexions.


If you wish to have proof of this, by touching with hand what we have tried to summarize above, we advise you to look at today’s photogallery. We have selected for you some shots that will allow you to get closer to an impression of style, characterized by the presence of broux on your hair .

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