Hair colors, gray with matching shades for a top look!

Hair colors, gray with matching shades for a top look!

About gray, as an alternative hair color for a truly enviable look, we have spoken several times over the past few months. If you remember well, on such occasions we have expressed various appreciations on the gray hair , once a shade limited to older people who did not wish to cover natural gray, and today a real style alternative for those people looking for an increasingly fashionable approach to their hair.


Well, for all women who have an interest in experimenting (and re-experimenting) it is useful to remember that even in 2019 the gray can be a good choice of choice between the tones less common. Therefore, a color that probably will not go well, but that could be of great satisfaction to certain people, and in certain contexts: a color with a strong personality , which can adapt very well (thanks to all its variations) both to people who have a very clear complexion and to people who have a more dark complexion.


Having established the foregoing, today we want to take a small step forward in defining the most “in” look that gray can use as a base. If in fact 2019 was the year of the discovery of gray hair as a worthy style of attention, 2019 will confirm this trend, with further integration: the combination of gray and some shades of silver, silver blue and more.


Of course, these are still non-main colors, and therefore mainly aimed at women who will want to experiment. And, above all, to women who love to try to embrace a degradé style that can make them discover a new unexpected charm.


In this regard, there are many women who have chosen to try this kind of coloring. From gray tinged with blue tinged with aqua green, the most recent hair dyes rest in part precisely on this kind of contrasts. The important thing is, also in this case, to try to find the right combination of simplicity and the exaltation of refinement, going to opt for a shade that can also enhance the color of the eyes, and can be well used in line with the complexion color.


And what do you think? Do you like the gray color on your hair or are you more traditionalist, and therefore do you think that gray is a color to conceal, being synonymous with neglect and advancing age? Try to take a look at our photogallery today, and try to get an idea: the comment space is at your disposal to discuss this exciting topic!

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