Hair colors: the new fashions that (perhaps) you have never seen!

Hair colors: the new fashions that (perhaps) you have never seen!

We have indeed done a nice search on the web in search of colors hair inevitable, discovering that – as it was widely legitimate to expect – the alternatives are many and are much more (apparently) eccentric than you can imagine.


And so, in the list of hair colors favorites of the moment, we can only count the mix between blonde and rainbow: on a blonde basis your hairdresser will certainly know mix a series of pastel shades that will give you a truly youthful and refined air. The contrast with the blonde will not be very strong, ensuring a princely air!


Among the most niche styles there is instead the use of pink and blue: usable alone, mixed or as an addition to your natural color, they also represent in this case a clear sign of style refinement. Know how to match them correctly, and the result will be fabulous!


If then pink and blue don’t convince you, you can make a “milder” choice by using the extremely year-round gray blue , which we also recently talked about on our pages. These are hairs that recall blue and gray, with poorly defined shades that are mixed together for an alternative look, but not too much. Better to approach this hair color tone with a light shade, even if nothing will prevent you from daring a little more. Very popular, even the so-called “Denim blue”. This is an actually fascinating tone and rarely glimpsed on our pages in the past few months. We are sure that soon you will hear about it abundantly.


And finally we close with a reference to the so-called “ rainbow hair “. It is hair with intense shades, which highlight the main pastel colors. Some stylists have also renamed them as macaron hair, with a reference to the well-known (and good!) Almond-based sweets. Of course, it’s not about the style for everyday life, but it’s still a good way to be able to customize your style in a unique way.


As you can guess, from violet to blue, from gray to green, the opportunities you will have to be able to give a new touch of charm to your style will certainly not be missing. But what do you think? Are these more eccentric styles convincing you? Or do you prefer the use of more experienced and less creative colors?


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