Hair fashion, here's which style to focus on: 20 cuts to share!

Hair fashion, here's which style to focus on: 20 cuts to share!

In the last few days we have had the opportunity to show you hundreds of different styles, and thousands of different images. A real “jungle” within which it is certainly not easy to find your way around, and which could represent a “trap” for all those women who do not have much time to devote to choosing their new hairstyle, but certainly do not want to make serious mistakes.


We continue, even today, to update all the best trends on short hair . A particularly pleasant update, seen and considered that below we have the pleasure of showing you a series of new hairstyles for short hair, which we recommend you to evaluate in these weeks. In short, if you want to renew your hairstyle, choosing a cut that will enhance your face and neck well, short hair can quickly become what you need. Short hair is in fact the ideal to give women a fresh and youthful look, without however losing potential in elegance and lightness, thus ensuring you an extra gear during the next summer 2015!


All our readers who in recent months have had the pleasure of switching to short cuts, on the other hand, know it very well: short hair can offer immediate advantages in terms of shaping the style and the ability to customize with a few touches your hair. So what can be done to be able to evaluate the transition to a short look ?


Our advice is first of all to consult this and other photo galleries on our site and, on the sidelines, extract a range of possible cuts to wear during the next summer. By doing this you will have the opportunity to have a valid basis on which to plan an interview with your hairdresser, aimed at understanding whether or not that look can really do for you.


Before embracing a short look, also, try to do a little critical examination. If in fact it is true that the short look is formidable, it is equally true that it needs some more precautions, seen and considered that short hair will be more demanding on the front of cuts and touch-ups, thus inducing you to the hairdresser with greater periodicity than to what you cannot do through the medium cuts or the long cuts .


In any case, we hope that the lines above do not distract you from the great potential of short hair and, on the contrary, are a pleasant starting point to encourage the transition to a fresher and more youthful look. What do you think of it? Do you have short hair? Do you have the need and preference to make them grow again or would you never go back?


“For the next season the inspirations come from the past, the present and the future; outline the traits of a woman, aware, determined, feminine, but above all else, current. All this takes different forms of expression: a retro mood impacts a 70s-style DIY design, while notions of classic femininity are modernized for the contemporary woman; futuristic packaging and exotic affirmations emerge in favelas-flavored artistic works and in an aesthetic of urban tribes, as if craftsmanship received a high fashion makeover; minimal evolves into deconstructive concepts, blocking is revisited in innovative ways; or again, speaking of sporting themes, we see a feeling of pure sophistication translated into clean lines and black & white contrasts “- begins the artistic director, immediately providing some gluttonous ideas.


As regards the fringe , it is good to try to remember that there are no rules valid for everyone. The fringe must be carefully calibrated on your image, in order not to damage your personality and – on the other hand – favor your own style.

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