Hair fashion, new color trends, ombre hair included!

Hair fashion, new color trends, ombre hair included!

As we have had the pleasure of showing over the past few weeks, if 2017 has been a particularly dense year in terms of the colors of the hair , 2018 seems being able to retrace the same wishes, further expanding the range of shades from which you can draw well in order to further enhance your beauty. But which colors could you bet on with greater emphasis?


Let’s start, before leaving you to the series of photographic shots that today we wanted to share with you, with the Rosa quarzo and the Serenity. A nuance of pink and one of blue, which were so fashionable on clothes and which today have instead gone over their hair. These are also some shades that can satisfy the needs of those who want to “dare” more, but which will certainly not make you appear too extravagant in the eyes of fashion enthusiasts. Try to talk it over with your hairdresser, and the result will be delicious.


Another tone on which you can serenely try to concentrate some additional effort is the gray blue hair . It is a color that starts from gray in order to arrive at different and deep shades of blue and blue. If you want to dare even more, you can focus on macaron hair , which take inspiration from the pastel colors of the famous French sweets, which have become famous all over the world.


Lots of cute graceful Highlights ideas


The color can be applied to the fringe, the sides or the back, making the possibilities practically infinite. You can choose any color that you like, whether natural or invented, you can choose between pastel and bright colors, also never used before, not even as a suit dye for the hair. With just a touch of color as you will put your head out to say “hello” to someone, you will have all the looks on you !


# 1: Burgundy Highlights for Blond Hair


Giving a little color to the ends of your hair with a bit of “Burgundy red wine” Peek-a-boo highlights will make them more evident. This look creates an excellent contrast with blonde hair, but it can also be perfectly combined with brown hair. Add even slightly blonder shades (see photo) for an even more wild look.


# 2: Highlights Rosa Flamingo on the blonde “Brown”


Blonde “Brown” is one of the most popular hair colors nowadays . But when a look has it all, that’s when you want to customize it a little. Here we are: let’s make some “Flamingo” pink Peek-a-boo highlights (or even any other color is the most popular this season).


# 3: “Chunky Electric” blue highlights


Blue is the perfect color to add to a few strands of your hair. Try adding a pair of bright blue Peek-a-boo highlights to get this unique look and bring out the mermaid in you!


# 4: Purple highlights for layered hair


Ready for a novelty? Just add some purple Peek-a-boo highlights to the ends of your hair , and you will receive thousands of compliments all day long for your bold new look !


# 5: Multi-Color Peek-a-boo Highlights


Are you looking for nice new ideas for your hair? Needless to look further: adding a mixture of different colored Peek-a-boo reflections (black, blue and red in the photo here) is the best way to overcome them all in the race for the most beautiful hairstyle. Go girl!


# 6: Updo Braids with Multi-Color Peek-a-boo Highlights


Are you looking for a new way to exhibit your new Peek-a-boo highlights? Well: I recommend these braids “Updo” like those in the photo below. Not only is it a splendid look, but it highlights the color of your reflections. Two pigeons with one stone for a great hairstyle!


# 7: Canary yellow Peek-a-boo highlights


This look is ideal for women with “caramel” or light brown hair color and who are looking for a slightly more exciting hairstyle experience than usual. Add some bright yellow Peek-a-boo highlights and you will be the boldest blonde of the party !


# 8: Blond highlights for the redheads


Who has the most beautiful and original hair, the blonde or the redhead? With this look you won’t have to choose because you will have both things together ! Add some blonde Peek-a-boo highlights on your red hair and you’ll get the best of both colors!


# 9: Subtle Peek-a-boo sighlights for brunettes


If well positioned, Peek-a-boo highlights can also be subtle. Just like the beautiful woman in the photo below, it is possible to add small blonde streaks so that your curls are always at the top !


# 10: Thick peek-a-boo highlights for short hair


This kind of highlights looks even bigger on short hair! Make your “casual” short hairstyle even more trendy with the addition of a mix of colors . Why be minimalist when you can be bold ?


So the highlights Peek-a-boo are the answer to your desire to change the look just by adding a bit of color here and there, without having to lighten the hair with products which can be harmful or lead to split ends.


# 11: Peek-a-boo pink cotton candy-like highlights for your fringes


Adding some highlights Peek-a-boo pink highlights your fringe and makes the gray or the blue of your eyes more “pop”. Is there any better way to be “Pink Ladies”?


# 12: Peek-a-boo lowlights for blondes


If you are looking for a way to add a little “impertinence” to your hairstyle, this is certainly the right idea: instead of the highlights, add some lowlights (darker reflections of your hair color). It is a new nice and “impertinent” fashion!


# 13: Peek-a-boo “blonde strawberry” colored highlights for auburn hair


Lighten the hair color copper red with a vein of “blonde strawberry” . Highlight your Peek-a-boo highlights by placing the color behind an updo medium , just like in this photo. Elegant, classy and original.


# 14: Black Peek-a-Boo Lowlights


This look is sensational and suitable for women with dark red hair. The deep tones of your red hair will marry perfectly with a shiny black “slick” type color.


# 15: Purple highlights for blondes


A little purple in some Peek-a-boo highlights to enhance your platinum blonde. Subtle highlights will create a fun look without being too intrusive. It is the perfect balance between day and night!


# 16: Pink peek-a-boo highlights on dark hair


Insert some bright reflections on dark hair to create a captivating contrast . Use your favorite color in its “party” saturated tint for the gaze from above, in its more classic tint, “work” type for the gaze from below. In addition to bright pink, electric blue and emerald green would also have worked just as well. Updated version of a classic style !


# 17: A streak of Viola


Sometimes all you need is a splash of color to really make things. Purple is an interesting color for the job! Add some purple highlights to one part of your hair for this bold look.


# 18: Subtle purple peek-a-boo highlights


Do you want to add a touch of color, while maintaining a non-exaggerated look? As long as the Peek-a-boo highlights are subtle, you can easily achieve this style. It is the “right amount of delicacies”!


# 19: Black and purple thin Peek-a-boo highlights


Create this rock look star by adding some subtle highlights, black and purple to all hair . A very nice touch of color! Sharp, original and easy.


# 20 Highlights Peek-a-boo: classy gilded


The slightly warm caramel-colored Peek-a-boo highlights add a touch of class to dark hair. This look is a smart way to “shuffle the cards” and give the dark locks a more lively look.









































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