Hair for over 45: a series of shots to be at the top!

Hair for over 45: a series of shots to be at the top!

Of course, the first starting point must however be linked to the need to accept one’s hair . Hair “ages” like everyone else, and therefore it is completely normal that the style and substance characteristics of the hair of a fifty year old , cannot have the same specificity as the hair of a twenty years old. Obviously, the above should not frighten you: even the hair of a 50 or 60 year old lady can look formidable, thus becoming a sensation of charm.


Short hair can in fact give a very youthful appearance to the wearer, and compared to long hair it can often make you gain a few years of apparent age. A real cure-all for those over 40, 45 years old and want to try to earn a few months or a few years through an even more fabulous look than the one so far experienced.


A short and / or asymmetrical cut, can in fact guarantee a much more youthful appearance in your next autumn – winter, guaranteeing you a touch of final female seduction that certainly does not hurt.


With these premises, we have had the opportunity to prepare a new photogallery with 20 short haircuts that we are sure can give greater youth to those over 45 and that can therefore be a useful starting point for the next reference look.


As is very evident from the photo gallery that we have prepared for all of you, the embarrassment of choice will have the opportunity to once again peep into your minds. The short haircuts that can ideally adapt to your hair and your head are in fact numerous, and only a careful analysis of your strengths and your weaknesses will try to understand what the best solution to be able to look younger and fresher.


Once you have got to have more confidence with your hair , the time has come to understand which is the best color for you. Fortunately, spoiled for choice will come to visit you: hair dyes and coloring and bleaching techniques currently on the market will allow you to have thousands of chances. It will be up to you to find the most attractive one, and more in line with your characteristics and preferences.


If you don’t want to show off a dyed hair, you can still embrace the idea of ​​a gray tone. The hair graying or white can be identically fascinating: everything lies in the bearing and the way in which they are arranged by your hairdresser. You will certainly be amazed at the possibilities you could marry!


Last tip is about the length. Generally the most mature women are the ones most likely to marry a slightly extended length of their cut. However, woe to think that the more you advance with age the more you should always shorten your hairstyle . Even once the threshold of 40 or 50 years of age is behind, it is always possible to adopt long hair with satisfaction and success.


Having said that, our closest advice can only be to carefully consult our photo gallery today: you will certainly find dozens of ideas to conquer and preserve, perhaps using them as a basis for analyzing your new look. And what do you think? Is there any style of hair that particularly convinces you?





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