Hair over 50, how to highlight the details: 45 photos to share!

Hair over 50, how to highlight the details: 45 photos to share!

Beyond the threshold of 50 years, the hair begins to undergo in a more significant way the effects of all those treatments that decades before you carried out with particular carelessness: from dyes to wild hair dryers, from plates to shampoos not very aware of the health of the hair, hair runs the risk of giving you back the sufferings they suffered at a young age, appearing dull, full of split ends, dull. But how is it possible to run for cover, thus obtaining a healthier look?


Let’s start by remembering that, unfortunately, when you exceed 50 years of age having shiny and shiny hair is much more difficult, given and considering that their seniority leads them to be less able. This, however, must not make you think of throwing in the towel and resigning you to the advancing age. First, try to remember to pay more attention to the products to use: therefore avoid buying the “first product that happens” and, instead, read the label carefully, identifying natural products that do not have preservatives and elements of aggressiveness towards the canopy.


As far as the colors and discolourations are concerned, avoid identifying shades that are too far from your natural color, adopting – also in this case – a healthy preference for natural colors, which will give you excellent results with minimal effort and, above all, , limited aggravations.


So far, what you have to “avoid doing”. Fortunately, however, the list of what you can proactively do to improve the brightness and health of your hair is even longer. Think, for example, of nourishing and non-aggressive washes, with beauty treatments that will improve the effectiveness of your hair. Think again about choosing a good conditioner that is fully capable of respecting the type of your hair.


If you also have oily, dry, brittle, dandruff, dull, dull and dense hair of all other impurities, always remember that there is an oil on the market that can satisfy any specificity. It will be sufficient to identify the one closest to your hair type, and use it according to the instructions contained, for extraordinary results, tangible from the first days.


Is that all? Not really: remember that hair care starts from the inside. So, take care of your diet, drink lots of water, do a lot of movement.


Finally, take a look at this photogallery: inside there are many shots that will be able to appreciate your style alternatives, making you increasingly refined, seductive and youthful!


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