Hair Restoring Natural Mask Recipe

Hair strands exposed to the corrosive effects of heat, paint and environmental factors become lifeless, broken and frayed. By eliminating or minimizing all these damaging factors, hair care applications help the hair regain its former vitality. In addition to hair care products, you can support your hair care with the materials at hand. Hair care at home both contributes to your budget and saves time, and most importantly, it does not contain chemicals.

Hair Care Mask for Damaged Hair

2 tablespoons honey
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar


See how easy it is to prepare a hair mask at home. Mix all ingredients and apply to all hair. Wait about 1 hour and rinse your hair. You can also take a look at this article for a mask recommendation for damaged hair.

The benefits of honey to hair
Hair needs the most moisture. Honey provides the revitalization of dry hair with its intensive moisturizing feature. However, its structuring feature repairs the scalp and prevents hair loss and dandruff. If hair care is to be done at home, honey should be written first.


For those who want to prepare a mask for excessively damaged hair in this article, there are different suggestions .

The benefits of olive oil to hair

Olive oil makes hair softer, healthier and shiny. It prevents the formation of hair fractures, it is effective on damaged hair. It is the basic material for those who prepare natural hair mask. It does not have an allergic reaction, it can be used as a moisturizer not only for the hair but also for the whole body.


Apple vinegar benefits to hair
Apple vinegar with anti-bacterial properties protects hair from bacteria and prevents scalp problems. If hair masks are prepared with natural ingredients, many panaceous foodstuffs such as apple cider vinegar can be used together. In this way, we can protect ourselves from the harmful effects of chemical products.


When the hair mask is prepared at home, you can also get over the waiting time by doing your urgent work at home. For example, if you apply your mask on your hair and iron it for 45 minutes after closing it with a bone, or if you do some editing work, you will not understand how time passes. When hair care is prepared at home, its cost also decreases. Just think, we have to pay even more for its package 😉


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