Hair styles with crests to be "real" Mohicans!

Do you like hair with the crest ? Although some women have a sort of repulsion for them, in several cases it is a style of hair really gritty and with great personality, which you could choose to be able to affirm your very stylish [ 19459002] look in the coming winter! If you are afraid of having to exaggerate, don’t worry: the crest can be replicated even without having to go and trim the sides, transforming the mohawk style into something more contemporary and even more customizable . Are you ready? Do you want to know how to create a crest hairstyle in just 10 minutes, only partially revolutionizing your style?


The requirements to be able to structure a nice look with the crest are few, and certainly already available in your home: a hairdryer, a comb, a brush, a plate and a wax for hair. As intuitive as possible, try to buy products of excellent quality and, if in doubt, always remember that it is possible to seek the advice of your reference hairdresser.


Cresta, a good alternative to the usual look


The hair crest may well represent a very valid alternative to the usual seasonal look. Even without having to resort to cutting at the hairdresser, it might be useful to know that, if you are looking for an easy and fast hairstyle, to be made in just 10 minutes, the same [19459002 ] crested cotton could be a good chance to be able to follow up on a full-bodied and delightful restyling.


How to make a crest made in home!


In order to make this hairstyle in an easy and fast way, with a crest that can be a successful business card for the next season, start combing your hair with particular care, starting from the end of the eye and making a section with a tail comb. So, try to do the same thing on the other side, trying to maintain a discreet homogeneity. At this point, pull up your hair , making sure that the sections are perfectly straight and symmetrical. Then stop the tuft with a clothespin and pull a section from the end of the ear, on one side and the other, so that they are symmetrical.


After passing the aforementioned rock, pass a little lacquer on the side locks , and then comb the side locks back, to join them in order to form a tail, to be stopped with a transparent elastic. Now comb your tail well and sprinkle a little lacquer to keep everything firmly. Then dissolve the lock in the front and spray a little more lacquer on it. In the meantime, dissolve the front strand, on which you will spray – again! – a little lacquer, and cotonatela from the root to the tip, which represent the base where you can weld the camber.


At this stage, you have almost finished the hairstyle . You simply have to wave backwards, to block with a wire, and spray a little more lacquer to help you freeze the look. The lock that will be left out of this treatment will be rolled up and stuck in the newly created wave, which you will then comb. Finally, put the other locks back in order to have a practically invisible rounded effect, going to spray with lacquer , comb and cotton each strand.


If you have obtained the right requirements, you can proceed in to make a crest starting from a “normal” hairstyle. Our advice is to start with wet hair, to dry with the head tilted down. Drying the hair, give brush strokes in order to speed up the drying process as much as possible, and taking care to straighten the central part of the hair (which, in other words, will make up the new crest). When the hair is damp, continue with a comb.


Between a stroke of brush and a stroke of hair dryer, take the hair wax and apply a moderate amount on the tip of your fingers, to pass it on the crest, remaining head in down. Alternate this procedure with the use of a hairdryer, and you will notice that, gradually, the wax will tend to solidify making the structure of your hairstyle more stable.


Finally, when the crest is stable enough, take a hair straightener and bring it to the maximum temperature. Pass it on the hair with movements of a few seconds, until the hair will be able to hold up without particular sagging.




As you can guess, the above solution cannot represent your daily look (if you don’t want to live with a lot of hairspray!) But it could be the right attempt to be able to see how you are with the crest. If you want something more professional … try looking here!


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