Hair trend, here are the ones you will see more in the coming months!

Hair trend, here are the ones you will see more in the coming months!

It is not yet too late to try to guess which will be the best trends that will mark the good season . On the other hand, we have spoken extensively on these pages over the past few months about some of these, and we return more than willingly to the topic, taking the opportunity to deepen it through a beautiful photogallery! Any examples? It is now certain that one of the top trends will be represented by bronde, the color halfway between brown and blonde. In the photo gallery that we offer today, the bronde is sported by Beyoncè, who knows how to enhance the brightness of his face through a touch of color to his hair, which expresses a fundamental added value on the complexion. The waves descend softly on the balls, with a rather warm and enveloping color.


Among the colors that will be the most popular – even if, at least for the moment, it is numerically beaten in style by the bronde – there is also the rose blonde. It is a blonde with particularly popular pink shades, and that in today’s photogallery we see used by Sienna Miller (who, for her part, seems to have found a particularly suitable style and, probably, a color with which to be a little at ease). However, Miller is not the only Hollywood star to show off such a stylistic approach. Just look around, and kidnap the looks of Kate Hudson or Jemima Kirke.


If you want to dare a little more, another trend that should be the most popular is represented by the patterns on your hair. In this case, it will be sufficient to experiment with your trusted hairdresser a stylistic scheme that does specifically for you (and, above all, for your personality). In today’s photogallery we dared with a rather aggressive pattern, experienced with doubtful success by Gwen Stefani, who plays on the stark contrast between blonde and black.


Inside the photo gallery that we have the pleasure to show you today we offer you a collection of versatile cuts, through which you will naturally be able to offer yourself in a fresh and professional, romantic and vintage, sensual or – why not! – a little tomboy .


The important thing is, once again, trying to choose the right cut for your face, for your complexion, for the strengths you want to show and for the defects that you want to conceal and, further, try to identify a look that can adequately reflect your personality. From rather bold scaling to maxi tufts, from straight to wavy hairstyles, from minimal to more voluminous ones, from the fringe always present to the total absence of fringe , from the more extreme pixie cut to the bob medi , you will be spoiled for choice. An embarrassment that you will certainly be able to dissolve if you think carefully about the pros and cons of each individual style.


Our suggestion is therefore the usual one. Look for your imagination as a starting point. In other words, try to imagine how the looks we want to offer you in this photogallery are, and also try to understand whether or not they can match correctly with your complexion, with your features, with what you want to communicate. Once this is done, remember that it is a good habit to try to change the color. The choice of the right tone must be made on the basis of your complexion and the color of your eyes. Within the single tone, you can of course choose the best coloring / bleaching approach, making your hair even more natural and shiny.


After that, the moment of truth comes. Approach the new look with conviction and you will not regret it. And if instead you are no longer convinced, do not despair. The ways to run for cover exist (extensions, badly, will help you!). Better therefore to face everything without drama, and to experiment with vivacity!


As far as the lengths are concerned, so go ahead for the pixie cuts. If you are as splendid as Scarlett Johansson, the game is done quickly: you just need to play a bit on the contrast in length, and say goodbye to your traditional bob, perhaps proudly sported in the past years!


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