Haircuts 2015, here comes the wob

Haircuts 2015, here comes the wob

If you are looking for the best cut for next year, to show off also in this final part of 2014, the wob could come to your rescue and in support of all those who wish to make a cut. clear past looks, and to present themselves in the new seasons with a renewed and always qualitatively brilliant style.

According to what has emerged on the catwalks in recent months, in fact, the new must-have cut seems to be the wob, a term coined to combine the “ wavy ” and the “ lob [19459003 ] ”, And not to be confused with the wet bob that was so fashionable a few years ago.

But what is the wob? And why could it really be one of the cuts you can no longer do without?

Briefly, the wob is a bob in the line from ear to ear, which, imaginatively crossing the eyes, becomes a fringe. The texture is embroidered with an internal scale that can allow the right movement of the tips, ensuring a fresh and youthful air. A cut that your hairdresser will certainly be able to rebuild on your profile and complexion, guaranteeing you a truly enviable look.

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As obvious as it is for all cuts, even the wob will not be perfectly reproducible on any face, but must be carefully studied and evaluated so that it does not turn into a counterproductive hair style for your brilliance. The faces where the wob could be harmful are those that are particularly squared and sculpted, since this cut could underline the point of the jaw – jaw, which instead should be tried to put in the background .

Fortunately, for all other faces the wob seems to be able to establish itself with particular efficacy. Your hairdresser will find the right length, evaluating if – for example – it is worth discovering or covering the ear: by deciding to discover the ears, the hairdresser will be able to achieve the objective of slimming the rounder faces, lifting the cheekbones and focusing the attention on the look. On the other hand, acting with covering the ears, it will proceed with the implementation of a certainly more prudent cut, to be applied on already slender faces.

In any case, do not be afraid to show off the wob, considering that celebrities from all over the world have already adopted it as an alternative to be given due consideration. As some well-known hairstylists point out, if you find the right length, the wob will be a sort of pass in the world of style, and there will be no frontiers or obstacles in adopting this extraordinary modern hairstyle .

As for the rest, you can evaluate the application of special creams or pastes for the most rebellious hair, which you will apply with the brush. We advise you not to initially apply any type of accessory, and therefore enjoy the natural and fresh beauty of this cut. Subsequently, you can evaluate whether to apply specific hair accessories that will further reward your choice.

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In any case, our advice can always be the same: break the delay and cut the past, given and considered that being too conservative in terms of hair look has never brought too well . Talk openly with your hairdresser and identify with him the solution that will guarantee you the best fortunes on your hair.

So try to calibrate your hair style on the basis of the complexion, and analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your face with awareness and objectivity: is it too long or crushed? Is the jaw very pronounced? Are the cheekbones clearly visible? Are the ears proportionate?

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