Haircuts for over 30, some ideas for short, medium and long!

Haircuts for over 30, some ideas for short, medium and long!

Exceeded 30 years , it is possible that you have the need to change your look into a new hairstyle which, while retaining the authenticity and freshness of the “winds”, can guarantee you a more mature and more respectful aspect of a changing hair. But how can you organize your short hair , medium or long , in line with your age?


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Let’s start with hair short . Beyond the feminine or boyish aspect, what we advise you to do is to choose a haircut that has not too graphic lines. Your goal will have to be to soften the features without accentuating the first lines that the thirty-year-olds begin to show. Therefore, try to shorten the hair on the sides of the face often, so that they do not appear swollen, and that they do not give the impression of disorder.




If, on the other hand, you do not want to give up your medium hair , you can focus on a splendid bob, a hairstyle that, as we have often had occasion to remember on our site, it can guarantee you an air of great modernity, thanks to its personalization, flexibility and the possibility of continually renewing it. In order to obtain an even more pleasant effect in view of the current summer season, try to dry them only halfway, and then leave them natural . If you have a round face, you can share with your hairdresser the possibility of being able to approach a semi-even cut. If, on the other hand, you have a particularly square or oval face, you can opt for a pleasant scaling which, by framing the sides of the face, can give you greater femininity.




If you finally love and have long hair, you can approach some soft scaling to be customized both in the event that the hair is straight and when the hair is curly. Of course, in the first case you could get the best of luck through a fringe that can improve your characteristics (it is likely that the forehead is not yet affected by wrinkles, and therefore it would be useless to use a “hidden” fringe). Better to hypothesize a long fringe, to frame the look.


So many photos for you!


Finally we close by showing you our usual photogallery. Inside it, you will certainly find many images that can represent excellent opportunities for restyling your face, in a perspective that fully respects your personality and – why not! – the beauty that only those over 30 can show proudly and with great serenity!


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