Harry and his wife Meghan's hair worship (VIDEO)

Harry and his wife Meghan's hair worship (VIDEO)

Harry Windsor , Duke of Sussex, has always been an icon of candor and kindness; since he married his beloved Meghan Markle , then, the dose of sweetness has drastically increased. The two dukes often exchange effusions and complicit looks full of feeling; that’s what happened on a royal tour in South Africa. Let’s see it together!


Harry and Meghan


During the diplomatic voyage to South Africa, in fact, Harry tenderly stroked his wife’s tail, to put it back in order. This gesture made many believe that, besides the affection, by Harry there is a real adoration for the hair of Meghan . On the other hand, men are said to prefer long hair, right?


Apparently this time to make the royal couple talk, it would not only be the messes they exchange, but also and above all the hair of the Duchess. For once, however, these are not the subject of interest for the extravagant hairstyles or colors, but for the admiration of Harry towards them.


The Prince’s gesture, however, did not appear new to those who have followed the couple for some time; the same attention was also noticed during the presentation of the recipe book by Meghan Markle in the gardens of Kensington Palace. On that occasion the Duchess had posed for a group photo and the wind had ruffled her hairstyle, but luckily Harry promptly acted to put it back together with her hands.


By putting together the pieces of this puzzle, the English people and the lovers of the couple swear that Harry Windsor has a real weakness for his wife’s hair Meghan which – for another – after pregnancy and childbirth he decided to let them grow. Her hair in this period enjoy a beautiful length and appear natural, healthy and shiny; is that why Harry loves them so much ?!

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