Hazel-colored hair, the right middle ground between blonde and brown

Hazel-colored hair, the right middle ground between blonde and brown

If you have not yet decided whether to entrust your hair with a beautiful shade of blond, or an equally charming shade on brown, don’t worry. Perhaps the solution is much more at hand than you can imagine, and takes the name of hazel-colored hair: a very pleasant color between dark blonde and light brown, capable of representing one of the nuances to the top for this 2018 which, evidently, has not yet played all its charm cards. But what does this shade consist of? And how should you “wear” it on your hair?


Hazel-colored hair, a coloring for everyone!


First, remember that, indeed, hazel-colored hair seems to be able to satisfy the needs of all women. If in fact you do not feel sufficiently brown to be able to switch to a strong brown, or you are blonde but want to darken your hair color, hazelnut could be the preferred landing place to avoid excessively distorting your starting color and, at the same time , take a seat towards a solution that seems to be “terribly” fashionable. And it is perhaps for this reason that in recent years more and more women have married this nuance with satisfaction, constantly rewarding it, and renewing their trust.


Hazel-colored hair … starting from blond


Hazel-colored hair is one of those shades that have the “fault” of having confused the chromatic panorama of hair dyes. On the other hand, it is also true that the hazelnut , approaching the dark blond, is definitely a tint that can give an indisputable class to the woman who chooses to wear them, giving her shades that they can recall the most delicate and classic shades of brown, without however forgetting a particularly light starting color, such as blond.


As for the confusion effect … this consequence is certainly around the corner, and you absolutely must not fear it (on the contrary!). On the one hand there are those who will define you as blondes, on the other hand there are those who will define you as brown. And by playing on this very delicate balance of shades, you will get an additional benefit: being unique and difficult to categorize, for a trendy shade and a great personality bonus!


Hazel-colored hair, the right middle ground between blonde and brown


But is he blond or brown then?


If you have carefully read the preceding paragraphs, you should also have understood that hazelnut color can hardly be attributed to a specific category of color. On the scale of blond, probably the only color that comes close is “wheat”: another cold blond and dark, however lighter than the ” our ”hazelnut, and therefore not able to achieve the same color effects. Another slightly brighter alternative is the caramel tint, extremely similar as far as hazelnut is concerned, and often confused with this one, just confirming the extraordinary variability of the shades that recall blond, tending to brown.


Inspirational photogallery: could you do without it?


The hazelnut hair has made hundreds of VIP women all over the world fall in love with it. Suffice it to recall the examples of Beyoncè or Jennifer Lopez: two divas of music who married the hazel blonde, also finding the appropriate customization thanks to the selection of shades that further enhanced its chromatic beauty.


Of course, our closing tip for today’s study is to consult with particular attention the photogallery we have chosen for you: it is a long list of hazelnut colored hair styles , from which you can draw the necessary fashion ideas. A collection of shots that could be the starting point for a new reasoning about your coloring and … why not, to find yourself – in the upcoming winter 2018 – wearing a new hazel-colored style!

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