Healthy hair, beware of temperature changes

Healthy hair, beware of temperature changes

The temperature changes can harm the hair. And, considering that this was a particularly bizarre summer, it follows that the alarm is very timely and worthy of due consideration.


The warning was launched by Fabio Rinaldi, professor in Paris and president of the International Hair Research Foundation, according to which temperature changes could create evident negative effects on the skin and hair due to the sudden passage from the rain in the sun, and vice versa, and the continuous temperature fluctuations that have been seen in recent times.


The dermatologist explains that “even on cloudy days the sun is out. Of course, the wind decreases the sensation of heat, but the clouds filter the same from the clouds. These temperature changes cause an accumulation of heat at the level of the skin, attenuated by humidity and cold, with a consequent alteration of the blood vessels which creates additional risks of irritation or damage, such as erythema, urticaria and shiny, which can ruin the holidays, but also more serious damage which, accumulating from year to year, can become chronic and lead to skin tumors “.


Among the major attention stands out that on the scalp, which must be protected not only in the stems, but also in the bulbs, considering that it is from these elements that permanent damage can arise. Sun exposure must take place in moderation, considering that the vitamin D that can be absorbed is yes useful, but there is no need to overdo it.


“Important is also a very correct and specific diet for exposure: the ideal is to eat many fruit salads with all the possible fruit, especially the red one, which contains antioxidants, but also fish, which contains polyunsaturated acids” – adds the professor – “As the age progresses, the skin becomes thinner and atrophic, the capillaries dilate and the body encounters problems of venous circulation: you need to stay more in the shade, protect yourself as much as possible and feed in the best way to bring water and proteins to the body useful for restructuring the skin. It also increases the risk of skin spots and other signs that are difficult to remove, so prevention is the most useful thing. ”

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