Helmet pulled out, here's how to choose it for the month of September!

Helmet pulled out, here's how to choose it for the month of September!

Do you know what is the helmet pulled out ? It is an ultra popular haircut over the last few seasons, able to bring to women who know how to “wear” it in the best way a truly indisputable charm, such as to be preferred to the various “technical” alternatives. But what exactly is it? What are the benefits that you will be able to obtain by using a beautiful marched haircut ? Let’s try to know a little more, and to conclude our study with a beautiful gallery that can provide you with many practical style ideas!


What are marched hair


The unthreaded hair, as opposed to the scaled hair , tries to thin out some volume from the hair, without however giving up the length. The goal is therefore not to “shorten” the hair visually, but to make the hair lighter and more dynamic. In short, a nice mix between volume and lightness that plays on the different lengths of the locks, with the hair which will appear slightly longer at the front of the head. The result, if your hairdresser is able to do a good job, is extraordinary and lasting.


On helmets? The top!


The loose cut can be particularly suitable for women who have a helmet, tending to be long. In this case, they will manage to have a full helmet and well blended in the lengths, solving the trouble of women who have thick hair but would not want to give up the lengths thus obtained. A nice style pass to obtain a modern and contemporary style, captivating and easy to comb with respect to the need to manage more voluminous and probably less captivating hair.


Many photos for a right choice!


We conclude, as per our established habit, trying to provide you with a nice series of photographic shots that could enrich your range of opportunities in view of the new autumn season. What we advise you to do is consult the entire gallery that we have chosen to exhibit for you below, and understand if one or more haircuts that may be right for you may be found inside. Finally, remember that identifying the “right” cut is only the starting point, and that after this step you will have to try to adequately customize the hair style with your hairdresser, making it as close as possible to your ideal hairlook!


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