Helmets, 20 timeless cuts for your summer.

Helmets, 20 timeless cuts for your summer.

If you have read our numerous insights on the bob over the past few months, you should no longer have any doubts: the helmet is one of our favorite cuts for the summer, and the incredible elasticity and versatility of this cut will certainly be satisfy the needs and preferences of any type of woman, struggling with the possibility of showing off a new, particularly refined and refined hairstyle, without losing sight of the concept of simplicity and style.


The helmet is, in short, an elegant and practical cut, which requires very little maintenance and can be easily modeled with scissors on the basis of the shape of the head, going to widen too slender and long faces, and to lengthen faces too much wide.


Ideal with fine hair, as well as with straight or slightly wavy hair, the bob instead creates some too many problems with a more voluminous and rebellious hair. Instead, it becomes a fundamental added value for those with round faces: those with a very long face and a pronounced chin should instead be assisted by a good hairdresser, so that the bob does not “close” precisely on the defects that it would be good to try to conceal.


In the case of a square face, finally, it is better to focus on a good yoke that reaches the middle of the neck.


Having said that, you just have to consult our photogallery, where you will surely find some useful style ideas for your beauty needs. If you find one or more cuts that you think are right for you, we advise you to share them with your hairdresser and then try to understand together with him if the selected cut may or may not be right for you, and whether it is therefore able to enhance the strengths and conceal those of weakness.









































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