Herbal Solution to Hair Loss: Clove

My hair is falling, are those who say I want to stop urgently?

Carnation is not only a fragrant spice, it is also beneficial for health with its vitamins and minerals. Hair care with cloves is good for many hair problems. If you have problems such as scalp problems, hair loss, fast hair growth, you can apply clove juice hair curing.

The clove obtained from the flower buds of the clove tree has been used for centuries with its unique aroma and bad breath and toothache. With its strong aroma, it finds use in medicine as well as meals. Since ancient times, it has been involved in the treatment of certain diseases A, E and B6 vitamins it is rich, and owes its storage of calcium, potassium, sodium and manganese. Omega 3 and Omega 6 are abundant, contain essential oils. It is also preferred due to its anti bacterial effect. Clove is used in many diseases, from respiratory diseases, cough, acne and blemish removal to stress.

Hair problems such as hair loss and dandruff are reduced in healthy scalp. In this way, the hair grows healthy. Clove can be used for hair loss, for bulky and bushy hair, with oil and grains and cures for nourishing the hair. It differs from other care treatments with its fragrance and does not require rinsing. Clove cure is applied for hair in a short time and ensures quick results. In this article, we will try to find answers to all your questions such as whether clove is good for hair, how clove is applied to hair, how clove juice removes hair, clove is used for hair loss.

Clove has been used extensively in hair care since its benefit to hair follicles has been revealed thanks to its hair stimulating agent. Compared to other spices and oils, it is always used comfortably due to its smell, nourishes the hair follicles and thus provides healthy growth. Since it is extremely effortless to prepare and apply, it can be easily applied at home by anyone. Thanks to its strong active ingredients, it acts quickly and stops hair loss in a short time. It adds volume to the hair and triggers new hair formation. It repairs hair follicles and hair grows faster. With these features, is applied as a herbal solution to hair loss .

Hair care with carnations

You can buy the oil of these cloves of dried cloves from dried milk. Or, since it is always available as a spice at home, you can boil water and treat hair with cloves. It is a very easy cure to prepare clove juice for the hair. Throw 15 clove buds in a cup of boiling water. Cover it with a small plate and let it brew for 10 minutes. Then strain the cloves and clove juice is ready.

When used with a spray bottle of clove water, it will be distributed evenly to all your hair roots and will provide you with convenience. A trick is to apply the clove water you prepared by massaging your scalp. Massage your fingers and feed them into your scalp. This massage also speeds up the blood circulation and stimulates your scalp. It does not require rinsing like the treatments with oil, since it is water, it is quickly absorbed by the scalp and does not bother you. There is no need to wash your hair after curing, especially if you like the smell of cloves. Apply this cycle every other day for the first week. Then, once a week, clove water can be applied to the scalp for 3 months. Clove oil can be applied to both the hair roots and the ends of the hair

Since male hair loss is more stubborn and pronounced than women, it may be necessary to be more aggressive in treatment. If it is used for hair loss in men, boiling method can be preferred instead of brewing. You can boil the same amount of cloves in boiling water and boil for 10 minutes. It is very important to keep the active ingredients from flying with the mouth closed. Massage your scalp by applying it will increase the effect because it is stimulating.

Continuity is required in applying cloves against hair loss. To feel the effect noticeable, you should apply it every day for 1 week. After a week, you can decrease the dose gradually, and then you can continue to apply once every 2 days and then every 3 days for the next week. It is recommended that you continue for a few months once a week after a month in this way and at the last stage in a dose of 15 days.

Is clove oil good for hair?

An effective method for those looking for a solution to hair loss is clove oil. We have listed the effects of cloves above. Likewise, you can use clove oil in hair care. You can mix it with equal amount of clove oil, lavender oil and olive oil and massage it on your scalp. It helps to catch the natural texture of the hair as it prevents hair fractures.

Let’s give another little tip. It is very useful to use cloves against hair loss, but you should choose high quality cloves in order to see the benefits at a high rate. In this way, the most effective clove juice can be obtained. Of course, you will say how do we know the quality of the packaged cloves that you bought from the market, or the cloves you bought from the transfer. You can reach the result with a small test. Pay attention to the appearance of cloves, the ends should be darker than the buds. Prefer large size and light buds. Another way of detecting is throwing cloves in cold water. Your cloves are of good quality if they sink directly to the bottom. Do not use those that float in the middle of the water, do not sink to the bottom or float on the water.

Is carnation good for hair loss?

We recommend using clove oil if you are looking for a solution by treating hair loss with cloves as well as cures with water. Since clove oil is the essence of the plant and has a more concentrated structure, its effect is high. You can make a thinning treatment by mixing olive oil, coconut oil and clove oil. Likewise, you can increase the clove cure effect for hair by mixing it with almond oil. It can be mixed with vitamin E capsules you can buy at the pharmacy. Because clove oil can cause irritation when applied directly to the skin.

Carnation hair growth is also a problem that can be solved with this cure. Since the rich vitamins and minarels in the clove will nourish your hair follicles, it also accelerates the formation of new hair.

The most well-known issue about hair loss is not genetic and shedding due to external factors increases periodically. In other words, the problem of hair loss may increase a little more in the spring. Don’t panic right away. It is possible to reduce hair loss with natural methods. Herbal solutions for hair care give quite good results. The important thing is also to speed up the formation of new hair. If the hair loss problem is genetic, then it will be useful to consult a physician and take more serious measures.

Let’s talk about the damages of cloves. Do not say that the spice, which is said to be so useful, will also cause harm. There is nothing harmless if it is not used properly or consumed in excess. If you want to use cloves as oil instead of water as described above, pay attention to these warnings. Oral use of clove oil can be harmful. Likewise, applying clove oil directly to the skin can cause irritation. If you are going to apply clove oil to the scalp, you can use it by mixing it with oils known as apricot or almond oil. If it will be used for acne, acne and spots on the skin, you can open the clove oil with olive oil or vitamin E capsule.

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